There's a little girl playing

so innocently in her yard,

Daddy comes home at six,

Mama calls her for supper.

She gets tucked into bed,

they turn out the light,

give her a kiss,

she sleeps through the night.

That girl was once me.

She visits four grandparents,

healthy and well,

many aunts and uncles,

such a loving family.

They build a huge house of cards,

take a walk in the woods,

go to a playground,

they watch the little girl play.

That girl was once me.

The years have gone by,

two grandparents gone,

the girl's in school now,

such a bright child.

But kids push her around,

harassment on the playground.

she just wants it to end,

she longs for the summer.

That girl was once me.

She meets nice kids in middle school,

she thinks she'll be fine,

but falls for her guy friend,

such sad unrequited love.

She applies to the best school,

the scholarship excites her.

She anxiously awaits

for high school to begin.

That girl was once me.

So many new people,

a supposed fresh start,

but still people judge;

she's beginning to learn.

A fight with a friend,

Daddy's got cancer,

Grandpa's in the hospital,

she's angry at God.

That girl was once me.

Up till four in the morning

writing up a report.

She's addicted to coffee;

she really needs sleep.

Her hormones are raging,

still single and lonely,

she has good friends,

she looks to God for guidance.

This is who I've become.

Whatever life brings me,

I'm ready to face it.

Wherever life leads me,

I'll follow the road.

I've been up and down,

through the good and the bad,

but I'll always be myself,

no matter who I become.