Amor suddenly sat up in her bed, realizing she was not alone. Lazar stood in the corner of the room.

"Why must you haunt me!?" she screamed. Lazar smiled.

"Do you know," He asked, "That it was I who killed your father?"

"But why?" Amor asked. Lazar snarled, showing fangs and slammed his hands down on the table.

"BECAUSE HE TOOK MY BLISS FROM ME!" the man snarled. Suddenly everything fell into place for Amor. Lazar's reluctance to face her mother, his strange scent, his appearance, his hatred of Amor, Vita's scorn of him for unknown reasons, it all suddenly made sense. He was an Incruentatas. Her mother was his bliss, but she had chosen her father. Lazar had hated Amor because she was the product of the man Lazar hated and the woman he loved. And Lazar had killed her baby as a final spite to the dead Earthen king. And Vita had hated him because she sensed his was a threat without ever recognizing he was a Incruentatas. Lazar saw the pieces click into place in Amor's mind and smiled.

"Finally." He sneered. "Took you long enough." Amor shook her head.

"And how long shall you haunt me?" Amor asked.

"I do not haunt you, my queen, I am not a spirit." Lazar said.

"You are real. You are trying to destroy me and my kingdom." Amor murmured.

"Your kingdom is already destroyed." Lazar said, laughing. Amor froze and slapped Lazar.

"I will rebuild it, if it kill's me! This world…these worlds shall not fall to ruin!" And with that Amor stormed out of the room…

Vita looked up as Amor stood in the thrown room, her eyes fierce and determined.

"My love." She asked as Amor moved past her to her throne. Vita eyed her wife as did the rest of the court. Amor's gaze swept the court and she finally stood up.

"This is my kingdom!" She declared, loudly and fiercely. Her eyes looking past her people to something in the shadows. "And it is I who will rule it and see order restored!"

"Bravo, Queen." said a sarcastic voice. The crowd parted and Lazar walked toward the Dias.

"The little bitch finally got it together." Vita stood and sniffed the air.

"You!" she growled.

"Me." Lazar mocked.

"You have been masking your pheromones!" Vita accused.

"What?" Amor asked.

"He's been masking his pheromones so I would not sense he was an Incruentatas!" Lazar clapped.

"Finally. I thought you would never figure it out!" Vita stalked towards him.

"How did you survive?!" She demanded, "How did you survive Amor's knife."

"Same way you would." Lazar said. "The vampire blood in me, pieced my body together when you took it to be burnt. I slipped away from your servants and into the castle, to haunt your dear wife. You thought her mad, so it became easier for me to torment her. But now she has snapped out of her mourning, so I am revealed at last." Vita growled and lunged at Lazar pinning him to the ground and punching him in the face. Lazar jabbed her in the gut and pinned her to the ground, beating his fists on her. She grabbed his left wrist, breaking it with a resounding 'snap'. Lazar pulled back, growling as Vita flipped him on his back. Another blow to the face and Lazar's nose erupted with blood. Lazar shoved Vita off and ran to one of the decorative swords on the wall, grabbing it and pointing it at Amor. Lazar charged toward Amor, but Vita grabbed the sword from one of the guards and shoved it into Lazar's gut. Lazar jerked away and grabbed his stomach, turning to Vita and clashing his own sword with hers.

"You bitch." Lazar hissed.

"Better to be a bitch then a basturd." Vita countered. Lazar knocked Vita's sword out of the way and jabbed at her leg, just grazing the flesh, while Vita pushed her sword into his left arm. Blood gushed from the wound, dripping on the floor. The court was silent. Lazar's arm danged by his side as he sliced at Vita, cutting her leg open. Vita staggered and grabbed Lazar's injured arm, ripping it off. Lazar howled in pain and Vita tossed the limb into the fireplace. Bone and skin now hung from Lazar's shoulder and blood flowed freely from the joint. Lazar slashed his sword at Vita again, staggering more before falling to his knee's. Vita grabbed his head and ripped it off, delighting in the sound of the flesh tearing. Lazar's head laughed at Vita.

"I will just piece my body back together, you know." His head said. Vita grinned.

"Not without this!" She hissed and plunged her hand into his chest, breaking past his breast bone and grabbing his head, then tearing it from his body. The arteries snapped as Vita pulled at the organ, crushing it. Lazar's eyes rolled back in his head and Vita threw the head into the fire as she devoured the heart. Amor watched her wide eyed. Vita licked her bloody lips and grinned, kicking the rest of Lazar's body into the fire place, then dropping her sword on the ground. She turned to Amor and smiled before she collapsed on the ground.

Vita opened her eyes and hissed in pain as she moved to roll onto her side. Amor put her hand on Vita's shoulder.

"Don't move!" she ordered. Vita laid back down and watched Amor as she reached for a damp cloth.

"You're beautiful." She breathed. Amor turned, looking surprised.

"What? Why? What made you say that?"

"No reason, really." Vita answered, smoothing back Amor's hair. Amor smiled and mopped at Vita's face with the rag.

"I'm pregnant again." She whispered. Vita jerked up, hissing in pain, and grabbed Amor, kissing her deeply. Amor yelped into Vita's mouth and pulled away.

"Vita!" She cried, attempting to push the woman back onto the bed. Vita grabbed Amor by the shoulders and flipped her onto the bed, kissing her deeply. Amor panted when Vita pulled away finally, watching her Husband with curious eyes.

"Is it true? Are you really pregnant?" The King questioned.

"Yes!" Amor yelled, laughing. "It's true." Vita hugged Amor close.

"And this time, it will all go perfectly." She whispered. Amor shook her head.

"That is up to fate, my love." she replied.

"Then I shall track fate down and bend it to my will." Amor laughed, hugging Vita tightly.

"Amor and Vita had their child, a girl, nine months later. They named her Avani. She was beautiful, with long silver hair and piercing green eyes, deeply tanned skin and cute little fangs. Amor and Vita loved her, as they loved their other three children. Two boys and another girls. Devi, Enki, and Hector. And though they tried, Amor and Vita could not restore order to the two planets. While most of Earth remained faithful, few on Terra did. So Amor and Vita took the faithful from Terra and moved them to earth, the destroyed to bridge that connected the two. And eventually the Terran people battled themselves out of existence. Amor and Vita died together, in their bed, at the age of 200 and Avani became queen, taking a man named Iah as her king." I take a long drag on my pipe and look at my grandchildren at my feet. The youngest looks at me Confused,

"But grandmamma, wasn't your dad named Iah?" she asks. I merely smile at her.

"What happened next Grandmamma." The oldest boy asks.

"Nothing of note, my dear." I tell him. "After Amor and Vita, life was rather dull." The oldest girl stands, brushing off her skirts and adjusting her corset.

"That was a good story, Grandmamma." She says.

"Who said it was a story?" I ask, taking another long drag from my pipe.