There is always soft music playing
In the background:
A lullaby of sorts,
As if trying to glue me, out of sorts,
Back together.

And the voices come out of nowhere-
One loud voice above the others,
Echos compliment.

It is in a foreign language,
But my native tongue is not needed
To feel
Breath quickening
And heartstrings pulled,
My body responding.

I wish to dance and dance so badly,
But I have no idea how.

So lulled by the voice,
I let imagination take me.
Eyes half closed and...

...we're falling and
I'm reaching for your hand,
Our fingers graze each other.

We're grasping at air.
From far away we're harmonic,
But in reality we're screaming.

I yell, as if to draw you nearer.
I would cry but the wind throws away
My tears before they can escape.

The ocean is below,
The heavens above,
And all I want is your hand.
If i was holding it, it wouldn't be so bad.

Our mouths open and our eyes mirror anguish;
From far away we're beautiful
But in reality we're screaming.