A thousand pictures
In the doorway.
A mirage of a perfect world.

Trying to hide my pain
Only works for so long.
So I find myself


Continuously breaking
Over and over again.
I can't stop;
Can't move on; just keep on


A shadow cast upon my face
A mask of smiles
Shrugs off a much needed embrace.

Trying to put on a brave visage
And succeeding less and less each day.


Breaking down
Shattered glass
Adorns my soul.
Broken images
Cast dark glimmers
On that picture-perfect world.

I don't like people to always see
What anger lies inside of me.
What anguish I hide beneath
But, despite my wishes, it tends to seep
Up to the surface where it can easily be found.

Broken like a little rag doll
Wallowing in self-pity.
Just wanting to be left alone
But craving company.


Falling forever
Onto a jagged floor
Where it is so easy to