This is the introduction to the Grimen Chronicles. The Grimen Chronicles are three stories that were recorded to describe the dark times the human race faced in the city of Grimen. The first story that was submitted to the Press and Guide of Grimen was the story of Raven and Vincent, entitled Dead City. It is the shortest of the three, the author is unknown and is rumored to be dead. Most likely murdered. The story was planned to make an appearance in the Grimen Newspaper, but was later scrapped and sold to me, the person who is giving these authors the chance to tell their stories.

Perhaps the darkest and most gruesome of the three is the second story submitted, entitled Twisted Creator. This second story tells the story of the young Dr. Reinburg, who was the first to ever create his own human. The Dr. Reinburg soon finds that his wife is cheating on him and he takes revenge with his creation's help... When I read this tale, I cried, not just for the extremely unfortunate life of the creator and his family, but also for the creation itself. It is a very gruesome story and small children get murdered.

Last, but certainly not least is the last document that has been found of the Grimen Chronicles. When reading this third story it can become very confusing. The story itself is chopped up and seems to have lost pages. Historians are still trying the piece this story together. But, from what I've read of The Stygian System, it seems to be the tale of a teenage boy who goes to some type of school and finds out secrets that he shouldn't know. I do wish I could tell you more, but that would spoil it.

I've made it my duty to get these stories to you. I've traveled to the corners of the world to find perhaps the next book of the Grimen Chronicles. I've been unsuccessful, but yet I still try. Please, if you read these, I beg of you to pass them on. Our history depends on it.