Eric did as I told him and handed my wife her tea. As he returned to his seat I gave him a smile and watched as he began to read to the children. I was so proud of my creation. The perfect friend. He did whatever I asked of him and he did with without complaint. Over the last three or four years he had grown attached to my children, Suzie, seven, Timothy, ten and the youngest Kara who was four. Eric was tall, had long black hair that brushed against his shoulders. I made him handsome and polite. The only thing that hindered him from the townsfolk was his sinister hands. When I created Eric, I wanted him to be everything a human should be, but I didn't want him to be approachable. So I gave him hands with metal claws that were 10 centimeters long and 3 centimeters thick.

"Honey, I'm going to take a bath," said my wife sleepily. I gave her a nod and smile and she left the lounge. My wife was a beautiful woman. She had golden hair and was slender. Whatever she wore she looked stunning in it. I was defiantly a lucky man. I thought to myself blissfully and took a sip of my now warm tea. As I did so, I glanced over to Eric and the children who were finally finishing the book.

"And they lived happily ever after...the end..," Eric said, with his usual emotionless tone. The children clapped and cheered. Suzie got up from her dark red velvet chair and over to me.

"Papa, can Eric take us to Grimen Park, please?" Suzie asked me. I smirked and took a sip from my tea. "Sure, but be careful, you know how dangerous that park can be, Eric make sure you keep an eye out for young Kara, she's becoming more like her father, the adventurous type," I said laughing. Eric nodded.

"Come children," said Eric as he walked toward the door. The children cheered and ran close behind Eric. I walked to the door and watched as the youngest struggled to keep up with the pack. I laughed to myself and took another sip of tea. I stepped out on the porch and looked around. There wasn't much to look at. The city of Grimen was as a vile place that was plain and boring. Everything from the brick roads to the street lights were black. Even the people that lived in the city wore black, that was of course The Mayor's fault. The Mayor was a dictator who controlled basically everything and anything. His laws were ridiculous and highly unnecessary. The Mayor was a short hefty man, who wore a dirty white suit. He was bald and always smoked a cigar and coughed a lot.

"Hello there neighbor, beautiful day isn't it?" asked my neighbor Jim from across the street. Jim was a young man, about twenty-five, around my age. He, his wife Veronica and five year old daughter Jesse had just moved to Grimen last year. I looked up at the smog smitten sky. "Yes, actually the smog seems to not be as thick as it usually is," I replied. He smiled and tended to his black tulips. "So, what do say Jim, you come over here and have a cup of tea?" I asked him. Jim nodded and started to walk across the street.

"Daddy, daddy, can I come?" yelled his daughter, who I hadn't noticed playing in the flowerbed. "No Jesse, just plant that flower and go inside and read with mommy," Jim said as he walked across the street. The girl pouted, but did as her father told her. Jim made it to the porch and shook my hand. He wore a black fitted shirt with black jeans. "So, how do you like your tea, I always forget," I asked him as I pulled out my remote that activates the tea kettle on the porch. Suddenly a piece of floorboard came up and another and another. They folded this way and that way to form a table. Then a small robot came from under the floorboard and set itself on the floorboard made table. I grabbed the robot and took a tea cup and a kettle from inside of it. I poured the tea in and gave it to him.

"Marvelous invention, I get amazed by it each time," said Jim as he sipped at his pipping hot tea, "How does it work?" I laughed and shook my head.

"I told you once before, I can't give you those details, I'm an inventor and scientist, can't go around giving everyone my ideas, then I wouldn't have a purpose," Jim nodded and sat down on the black rocking chair. My wife emerged from the door and hugged me. She smelt of the new bubble bath I bought her at Lenderburg's Shop downtown.

"Hello honey, hello Jim," she said as she helped herself to the fresh brewed tea.

"Hello Denise," said Jim a bit nervously. I smiled at them both and sat down in a free chair. My wife soon joined me and the three of us relaxed as the day was beginning to wind down.

The sky was getting a bit darker and I began to think about the children.

"Denise, do you agree it's time for the children to come back home?"

"Yes, I quite agree," Denise replied, "Why don't you go get them?"

"What a great idea," I got up from the chair and walked off the porch, " I'll be back in a moment," Getting inside before dark was imperative. There were creatures and horribly bad sinister people that lurked in the shadows. Once I reached Grimen Park I saw the children on the marry-go-round yelling for Eric to spin them faster.

"Ok, after this one, we must go home," Eric said as he pushed the bar to make the marry-go-round spin. The park was beginning to look increasingly eerie as it go darker. The leafless tress cast shadows that resemble that of Eric's claws.

"Children, we must go home now," I told the children. The children began to protest but I pulled out my black wooden cane and the children hurried out of the park.

When I arrived home I was welcomed by the sweet aroma of Denise's bath water. I told the children to go down stairs to the basement and wait for Eric to prepare their baths. Eric moved his head up toward the ceiling.

"Listen master, noises," he whispered. I listened and I too could hear a steady noise. "Investigate it for me Eric," I told him. He nodded and made his way up the black spiral staircase. I walked downstairs to the basement and prepare the children's bath. Once that was all done, I went back upstairs. On the couch sat a nervous looking Denise. Eric stood in the doorway.

"What's the matter?" I asked them. Denise shook her head and Eric glared at her. I raised an eyebrow to him, "Eric?" He sighed and walked a bit closer to me.

"Your wife was cheating on you with your friend Jim, he had his male reproductive organ inside of her female reproductive organ," said Eric with his head down. I looked at him in disbelief.

"Denise, is this true?" I asked her. She glanced at me and then put her face in her hands. She then began to weep. I just couldn't believe it, my wife, the love of my life, screwing the guy across the street. Of course you know I called her things like slut, whore and bitch. And she of course tried to run out the door, but she of course was stopped by Eric and was of course sent upstairs to our bedroom.

"Eric...go check on the children, dry them off and tuck them in," I said in an almost daze. "Yes master...are you ok master?" I ignored him and he did as I asked of him and went downstairs. I walked over to the black silk chair and sat heavily. Looking up at the crudely painting of my wife, which was different shades of black made the blood that flowed throughout my body boil. She had betrayed me, went behind my back and cheated with the neighbor. I wrote a note to Eric, asking him to not disturb me while I was in my lab.

I could always think in my lab, it's were I found peace. However, this time I could not. I was enraged. I just could understand why she would do this to me. I knew what I had to do. She broke my heart, now I was going to have to break hers.

"The children," I whispered to no one, "yes...the children, she loves them dearly, if they were gone, she would go insane...yes insane," She would go insane, just as I had.

The morning began with Denise in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I could smell the bacon, eggs and pancakes from down in my basement. I didn't get on minute of sleep, I was up all night putting together a plan that would soon shock the world. I looked down at the list of people I wrote.

"Suzie, Timothy, Kara, Denise, Jim, Jesse, Veronica...they would all die...and the list grew as the day went on. In the late afternoon I decided it was time. When I opened the lab door, Eric sat waiting loyally.

"I know master...I know what you want me to want me to eliminate her," he said to me. I nodded my head, "But, I want to not just eliminate her...I want to eliminate her mother, father, Jim and his family, and even her very children," Eric's eyes widened.

"The children?" he asked me. "Yes, the children," Eric looked down at the ground and nodded, "As you wish master," When I made it upstairs, Denise and the children were on their way out of the door. Denise saw me and weakly smiled.

"The children and I are going downtown to purchase some groceries," said Denise. I nodded and pointed at Suzie. "But, Suzie shall stay, I have something for her," I told Denise. Suzie's eye's lit up. "A present papa, a present for me?" Suzie asked. The other children began to ask where their presents were. "Don't worry children, you all will get your presents soon enough," Suzie waved to Denise and her siblings as the black car rode off down the black brick rode.

"So papa, what's the present?" Suzie asked. I nodded to Eric and Eric walked over to Suzie. He picked her up and made his way to the basement. "What are we going to do down here Eric?" asked Suzie. Eric ignored her. He then sat her down in the chair and waited for me to get my things. When I came down the stairs I had some rope, a flashlight, a steel bat and a camcorder. I tossed the rope to Eric, who then began to wrap the rope around Suzie.

"Papa, what are we doing?" Suzie asked. We both ignored her. Once Eric was done tying the rope around her I tossed the steel bat and flashlight to him.

"Do what we just discussed," I told him. He nodded and stood over Suzie. I grabbed the tape that laid on a nearby table and put the tape over her mouth. I could see the panic in her eyes as I walked away from her and Eric continued to tower over her. I went to the camcorder and pushed the record button.

"Ok," I said in a disguised voice. Eric bent back his arm which held the bat and cracked it aside Suzie's kneecap taking the kneecap clean off. Blood splattered on the floor and muted screams could be heard. Eric knocked the other kneecap off causing more blood to paint the floor.

"Just know this is your mother's fault," said Eric. He dropped the bat on the floor and then put his claws near Suzie's face. He slashed her face up a bit and then with two quick swipes he cut off both of her eyelids. She screamed muted screams and shook the chair. Her hands gripped the edge of the chair in agony. Eric then shined the flashlight into her eyes. I watched with pleasure as my little girl suffered. But I didn't see it as my little girl suffering, I saw it as my wife suffering.

"I'm sorry," Eric whispered as he shined the light in her eyes. She continued to scream in the tape and shake the chair. Eric then began to pound the flashlight into her eyes, beating them into a pulp. By this time, Suzie was unconscious. Eric then picked up the bat and finished the job by knocking her head into the floorboard and still hitting her severed head into the floorboard until all there was were pieces of brain and bone. I then stopped recording. As the tape rewound, I looked at the many veins and such that was once connected to her head that laid out on her black dress. Her body still sat in the chair, still gripping on the chair.

"Clean this up, and hurry, Denise should be back in at least a half a hour," I said as walked up stairs, "Put the body, chair and all in her bed, underneath the quilt," I then grabbed my coat from the coat hanger and walked out of the house.