Okay, this is a random bit of craziness I wrote in a fit of inspiration when I was helping out at the school library with my friend. (She is the one who wrote They Way of the World). So, she dropped a pen, and I jumped up singing: "Oh no! The world is gonna end! Woe is me! I dropped my pen!" Hence, the pen story. A lot of inside jokes in here, peeps! This shall be a play better than Shakespeare, Plato, Edgar Allen Poe, and all those hiddly-wigglies!! SO HA!
Note: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Scene 1: The Dropping of the Pen

It was a beautiful and peaceful day in Mrs. Heath's language arts C class, when, suddenly, a loud, ear-piercing scream of pure fear rang out! Mrs. Heath, kind and caring person she was, rushed over to a blond girl's desk.

"Whatever is the matter?" she asked, concern wrinkling her brow. The girl looked up, tears filling up her blue-glasses framed eyes.

"I-I dropped my pen!" She bawled. Mrs.Heath stumbled back with a gasp.

"Anything...but...THAT!" she cried ut, looking horrified. the girl, who's name was Angel, being the drama-queen she was, stood up and sang out: "Oh no! The world is gonna end! Woe is me! I dropped my pen!!!!!" Looking around, she motioned for the class to join her. Always the bold one a girl with messy brown hair, purple glasses, and gothic looking purple lipstick, whose name was Abby jumped up and cried out, "Angel, oh Angel! Wherefore art thou pen?!" Straightening her black pirate hugs and kisses shirt, she looked to Angel for an answer. Angel blinked, then turned aside her face.

"I...don't...know!" She blubbered, eyes tearing up again. Looking, stricken, Abby sat back down saying, "Oh well, can't help you then" She calmly picked up a book called 'Abby' written by a classmate of theirs, Jackie. Angel promptly began bawling harder. Suddenly, a girl in a blue sweatshirt bounded into the room.

"I'LL SAVE YOU!" she said in a super-heroish voice. Angel looked up, "You will?"she said, a glimmer of hope appearing.

"What has happened, oh blond and blubbering one?" The girl asked, adjusting her black-frames.

"I-I, dropped...my pen!" The girl's eyes widened, and she dove under a desk, all aspects of superheroeness gone. Angel looked around, and said, "Can no one save me?!" The class was silent. Suddenly, a tall boy with curly brown hair and glasses stood up. His name was Joseph. He announced, "No, but we CAN break into song!" Striking a pose, he bellowed: "Oh no! The world is gonna end! Woe is she! Angel dropped her pen!!!" The class quickly caught on, and they stood up, and joined in. "The pen! The pen! She dropped her pen!" A girl in flowery attire akin to her last name shouted, "Let's all hold hands!" Everybody grabbed a hand, even the one reading her book. Swaying from side to side, they sang, "OH NO! THE WORLD IS GONNA END! WOE IS SHE!!!!! SHE DROPPED HER PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

Scene fades out.....

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All people int his were people who are actually in my class...including the teacher...I changed names to protect everyone...