This deep hidden forest hiding my true thoughts
I don't want to be left alone in the cold
This deep hidden valley showing what I'm not
This is a resting place I will call my own

Inside the hollow branches
Someone is screaming for me
Inside the wilting flower
Someone is beckoning me

And all the pain I have felt through years
And all the tears I have cried through fears
I feel this place washing it all away
I have found my home; please leave me here to stay

The old broken wounds disappear in my eyes
Memories are fading along with these scars
The old haunted house starts to burn and die
And once again my blood can course through my heart

Under the cemetary
I can hear someone breathing
Under the full lit moon
I can see someone dreaming


It all wilts away
Into the thorns and vines
It all fades away
It won't come back this time

(Chorus 2x)