Pumpkin pie and apple pie
Someone shouted PREPARE TO DIE!
Oh, yes the fight was on
Infact I'm the only one left so I write this song

Pecan pie and Carmel Apple pie
Another insane one shouted LOOK AT THEESE BABIES FLY!
No escape was near
It was pointless hiding in the rear

Lemon meringue pie and Lime meringue pie
Man those pies were all over the skies
As they were thrown
I think I saw a clown hit, I could have sworn

Banana Cream Pie and Peach Cobbler Pie
Manny were blinded covering their eyes and screaming WHY?
And we all remember on that day
There was a pie massacre, all the way

Blubbery Pie and Cookie Cream
I could have sworn this was a dream
They all fell back
Responding to SPLAT

Pie war
It's time to even the score!
Let's finish is another way…
I know! We'll have a pie eating contest today!

(Theme music: wont wont wahhh…)

Cherry pie and berry
After fourteen piess all were quite merry
The war was remembered no more
Until some one slipped on a pie stepping out of a door

Monterey, Jack, Ullora, and Goat
The head for the boats
Aggravated, cheese war is now in full attack
Oh yes, the clowns are back …

And do have some of these delicious leftovers will you? Yummm, pie!!!