"Jonathon," Travis hollered from the cruise liner at the dock. "Don't forget to come back in Monday."

"I won't" Jonathon said waving good-bye to the cruise ship. His chocolate shaded hair dangled just to his ears and parted down the middle. His eyes matched his hair in the light. He was off for the weekend. It was Friday night and he had to have his usually weekend ritual. Find an easy girl, spend the weekend in her bed and then go to work to head to a different port and repeat and rinse. Walking down the port to the hotel was always interesting. His tight black tank top caught the attention of many young vital women who crossed his path. His blue jeans smothered his legs, but that didn't bother him. He preferred them tight rather than baggy like some punk teen. He was in his mid-twenties and had his whole life ahead of him. Right now it was just going to be fun, no commitments, well besides his job. He continued walking down the street and saw a busty blonde staring at him from across the street. He got distracted and walked right in to a stranger on the street.

The girl fell to the ground and he stumbled back a bit. He turned to see her auburn hair radiating slightly with red and blonde in the sunlight. Her hazel eyes were dull and clouded. She didn't say a thing to him just slowly regained her balance and stood up. He looked over at this busty blonde who had turned attention away from him and was laughing. He cursed under his breath and finally said sorry to the auburn haired lady. She nodded and said "no problem." And she walked away towards the port.

Jonathon had a plan. Most people went to the club "The Blue Coral" during the weekend on this island. He knew he would find a romp for the weekend here. He put on a navy button up shirt and his blue jeans then headed off to the club. Each step seemed to take him to something he had no idea was going to happen. He arrived with charisma of a ladies-man when all the women had to peek a look at this strapping young gentleman strolled in. His board shoulders gave his chest attention of the ladies' eyes that found their way to his muscular build. He was not like a professional muscle builder, but you could tell he worked out as a hobby. He strolled up to the bar and grabbed a Bud Light. He saw his busty blonde at the opposite side of the bar. She was sipping her martini lightly and playing with her olive. He strolled very confidently towards the mysterious blonde, but this action seemed doomed to never happen. Just as before, someone from the bar turned just in time to make Jonathon spill his drink all the front of his shirt and all over her.

He cursed mildly and looked at the klutz that just happened to turn towards him at that moment. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail with curls dangling down resting on her neck. She picked up the beer bottle and her glass. She looked up at him, his eyes saw more than just the hazel color in them. He stood ready to curse at this girl who had been in his way twice in one day, but he found himself lost in her eyes.

"I am so sorry," her voice sounded like wind chimes through the crowded club. "I did not mean for this to happen. I haven't been paying attention at all." She tried to get the bartender's attention.

Jonathon finally noticed that his shirt was wet, but his jeans were just wet around the bottom. He looked up to see the busty blonde, but she was nowhere to be seen. Just his luck.

The auburn haired lady managed to flag down the bartender and ordered Jonathon a new beer. "I am sorry, again, I really am." She said handing him his Bud Light. "I will get out of the way now…sorry." She headed out the door.

Jonathon finally noticed the crimson dress she was wearing flowed with the rhythm of the music as she walked away. He stood stunned for a moment.

She made it out the door and started walking towards the direction of her hotel. She was cursing under her breath for the klutz that she was. She felt so dumb. She noticed that that was the second time she had ran into the same man.

Jonathon came walking up behind her. He watched her walk. Each step graceful and yet a bit hurried. He was unnoticed until she suddenly turned around and they bumped into each other again. She seemed shocked by his presence behind her. How long had he been there?

"Oh….hello again." Her voice seemed shaky. "Was the beer the wrong kind?" Was the only thing she could think to ask. She hoped this guy was not some pervert that just decided to get his kicks and giggles from her.

"I'm…Jonathon…Dawson." Okay…he was officially not able to think smoothly anymore.

She smiled a bit. Her eyes even lightened. "Lilyania Alexander. Most people call me Lily." Lily was relived for the moment. "I am sorry for your shirt."

"Oh it is nothing." His answer seemed lighter than his normal attitude. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah…. my dress is a bit damp, but it is air dry anyway." Her smiled brought light to the dark street.

The moment of silence engulfed them. Each seemed a bit jumpy with the silence.

Lily wanted to say something, but she knew she had never been any good at these kinds of situations.

Jonathon decided it was his turn to speak. "So, what are you going to do now?" Okay, he could have done a bit better than that.

Lily just said, "Maybe going for a walk, at least till my dress dries some. Would you like to join?"

"Sure," Jonathon said as they began to walk towards the beach.