Unexpected Meetings

Part 12

The last night on the boat and Lilyania was alone and packing. She was making sure she had everything before she went to bed. She wished she had the strength to go see Jonathon before she left. Maybe it was God's decision that they were supposed to be like this. Maybe it was better this way. She had so much pain in her life and she didn't want to infect another with her past. She was listening to the radio when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and no one was there. She looked around and found a yellow rose on the ground with a note. She picked it up and read it.

'You found this rose the same I found you.

Meet me on the upper deck now please.

Don't worry about how you look.'

She knew the handwriting was Jonathon's. She smiled and grabbed her keys and a jacket. She couldn't wait to see why he wanted to see her. She slowly made her way to the upper deck and she was stunned.

One table for two covered with a white cloth and candlelight. A waiter took her coat and helped her to her seat. She was surprised at the arrangement and the flowers around the area. It looked like something out of a romance novel. She looked around and saw Jonathon walking up the stairs. His shirt was smoky gray and buttoned up to two before the collar. Lilyania just smiled as Jonathon sat down opposite of her seat. He looked so nice. His hair just down and light. His eyes were so deep, she could see forever in them. She was so much liking this guy.

"I am sorry." Jonathon said. Those were the words he had wanted to say since last night. "I didn't mean any of the things I said that night. I was a jerk and I know it will probably be a long time before you forgive me."

Lilyania laughed under her breath. She stood up and walked over to Jonathon. She grabbed his hand and walked over to the railing. They stood there with her hand in his just looking at each other. Lilyania looked at her hand in his and then back at his face.

"I forgave you the moment you said it." Lilyania said smiling.

"You did?" Jonathon responded.

"It wasn't fair of me to ask you to trust me when I couldn't tell you what I was hiding." Lilyania said. "I can't believe this though."

"I planned it for you. The starlight, the flowers, the food…. everything. I wanted to tell you that I was sorry and not screw it up." Jonathon replied.

"You didn't have to."

"I know, but I wanted to."

"You are truly sent by God." Lilyania said.

"So are you." Jonathon said. "I love you."

I love you too." Lilyania replied.

Lilyania leaned in to kiss Jonathon when he pulled back.

"What is it?" Lilyania asked. "Does my breath stink?"

Jonathon looked down for a moment. "No, it is just that I haven't shaved in a while."

"I know." Lilyania said. "I like the scruffy look on you." She kissed him fast.

They were lost in the kiss for moment before the waiter brought out their food. They just held each other for a moment. But in that moment they knew God's plan to bring the one meant of each to come together. Even if it begins as just an unexpected meeting.