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Yasha Hybrid
"The Rebirth"

Ravage Blue

Chapter one

As she tossed the orange orb to one of her teammates, she had no idea of what her fate would bring to her. Not even as she watched with eagerness as the girl opposite her raised her arms and tossed the ball into the air. Nor when she herself jumped simultaneously with the girl closest to her to reach the object of the game. There was no way she could have known, as her fingers slowly graced the surface of the orb, and then her palm and tips of her fingers grabbed it, gravity reclaimed her slender figure, and her feet seemed to glide across the slick surface of the gymnasium. Her raven black hair trailed after her, flowing with an almost inhuman grace. There was no way those orbs of the brightest green could ever see past the game that was placed in front of her now. Not even the ominous black around the outer edges of the iris could have given a clue as to what lay before her. In place of the ball, thin air soon came into her grasp as she once again tossed the ball to a teammate. That was when the ball was set into motion through the air, and a soft 'swish' was heard as it went perfectly into the rimmed, bottomless basket. As she raised her hands up in celebration, she never noticed 'fate' walking into the huge room in the form of a young detective, named Chris Jakes....

How in the hell do you tell a teenager something like this? He thought, rustling the black mess of a mop atop his head. He strolled through the over-sized classroom, watching as the girls played Basketball, in their short shorts and small T-shirts, and the boys playing volleyball in their over sized shorts and baggy T-shirts, illegally of course. He smiled, lighting up his tanned features a bit, knowing how boys didn't like to play by the rules all that much. And when it came to dressing, the girls obviously didn't play by the rules either. But Jakes was a cop, and was not allowed to think all this, so says society, but he did anyway. Of course no one should know about it, but somehow, they always did. As he usually says, "Karma sucks!"

He turned his brown-eyed gaze to the eldest woman in the room, who was writing upon a yellow papered tablet, either keeping score for a game, or writing nonsense notes with that little plastic pencil she carried. Sure did look like it, as he watched her make huge strokes with the pencil and then she laughed. It had to be nonsense notes. He made his way to her, dodging the white orbs and orange and black spheres every now and then. He straightened his red and blue jacket and cleared his throat, trying to get her attention. Well, the noise didn't reach her, but the red and blue coloring out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and she quickly turned the page of her yellow papered tablet and looked at him, loosing the laugh lines from before.

"May I help you?"

"Coach Brame?"

"Yeah, that'd be me."

"I'm Detective Chris Jakes and I'm looking for a Sasha Glenn. The Principal told me I would find her in P.E."

"Oh, well, yeah. She's right over there," She indicated to the court at the far side with the mechanical writing tool, "in Court Two." She must've seen the younger gentlemen's face, because she added, with the most amused smile upon her face, "I'll call her over here, if you want. I know what it feels like to be afraid of Volleyballs and Basketballs."

"Heh, It's Nerve wrecking." he replied, and he watched as she yelled the name across the gym. The Echoes bounced off of everything, and he watched as several heads turned in reflex and then all those heads turned to one girl, who was playing on the previously indicated court. He watched as her form stopped, the echo reaching her own ear, and she turned around, revealing a young and pretty face, with thick, black tresses atop her head, and partially in her face. No bangs on this one, so he assumed they were either pulled back, or grown out to match her other mid-back length locks. Then, seeing the happy air around her, his heart was suddenly crushed.

He watched as she obeyed the gesture to come to them, and then her fairly tan legs jogged over to them both. Her cheeks were flushed, and her skin was wet with sweat, due to playing the entire hour. But he didn't pay any attention. For the first thing he saw was two green orbs, the brightest he had ever seen, but with an odd, black coloring on the outer edges of the iris. That certainly wasn't common. Then he noticed her slightly tired stance, as she took soft, easy breaths, in order to calm her, more then likely, racing heart.

"Hey, what's up, Coach B.?" she asked, panting only slightly. The coach only introduced the teenager to the older detective and then, seeing a quarrel going on in another corner, excused herself and jogged off in that direction, yelling out a strict "Layson!" and an aggravated "Thompson!" Sasha Glenn looked after her P.E. teacher and then to the quarrel, knowing one of the girls very well. But her mind returned to the situation at hand and she used her eyes to look the cop up and down. "You're kind of young to be a cop, aren't you? Or was it Detective?"

"Detective, thank you very much." He didn't seem too annoyed with the question, which told the young woman that he was used to it. He shuffled his feet and then stuffed his rough hands into his pockets, releasing a stressful sounding sigh as well. Immediately, the girl's face dropped and she looked at him with a seriousness that she thought fit the situation very well. This wasn't going to be something good, his dark mist of an attitude told her that. She about said something, but decided on not doing that.

"Detective Jakes?" she pushed a bit. He shook his black head and then looked at her, and she suddenly felt a small pain go through her. Not a physical pain, mind you, but one of those you get when you've heard someone just died. "Oh lord..." she mumbled.

"Miss Glenn, There's been an accident concerning your mother... I've been told to inform you and escort you to both your...."

And everything from there seemed to just fly by in a blur, as if someone had put life into flash forward. She didn't have hardly any memory of walking out of school with Detective Jakes, and had no memory whatsoever about the car ride to her home. She remembered flying through her apartment building, then to her apartment, grabbing a few clothes, tossing them into her back pack and then scurrying back to where the Detective escort waited for her in the parking lot. The ride to the hospital was nothing but a big blur as well, and then all that she remembered after that was running through the white hallway, scorching, salty tears running from her eyes down her cheeks. She didn't even remember how she had come to know where her mother was currently located.

Sasha stared through the glass window, at a woman lying on a bed, bandaged, and attached to a machine, which seemed the only thing to be keeping her weak and helpless body going on. Her face was scarred a bit, and pale, almost deathly pale. She felt like she was on the other side of a mirror that didn't show reflections, but a mirror of what showed your greatest fears. And her entire self was helpless, just like the woman on the other side of the portal that separated them. She placed her hand upon the glass, as if trying to reach out, but to no avail. All she could do was cry, and watch, knowing full well that she couldn't go in that room. It was all she could do, to not turn into a crying wreck at that particular moment.

She suddenly felt a soft weight on her shoulders, and she was brought out of her devastation a bit, so she could look back. Green eyes met blue ones with the kindest light to them, it almost made her heart melt. He had dirty blonde locks that over shadowed his right eye a bit. The expression of almost understanding graced a young, tan face, and for a moment, she felt her happiness renewed, with a friend by her side.

1- "Shane!" the name came out as more of a half whisper then anything. He gave a warm, sympathetic smile to her, and her soul felt like it was renewed by that small gesture. She tried to return it, but ended up falling into his friendly embrace, weak now, from what she believed was stress and sorrow mixed together rather badly, like a really bad drink. He caught her, and then helped her to one of the hallway benches, knowing how she must feel.

"Easy does it, Sasha. A little bit at a time works just fine." he said, quietly. The female closed her eyes and then allowed him to rub her shoulders in order to relax her. "Just take a nap. You need it." The words were simple, coming from him, and her body got used to the darkness. And it seemed like it was that particular dark nothing that was cradling her sorrow-filled mind.

Shane watched with his blue, crystalline orbs, as her breathing slowed and became like a soft purr. He smiled, finding it amusing, and then looked back to the window, she had been staring into.

An older woman joined them, of fair complexion and with a similar shade of blonde to his. The eyes were not like his though, they were a darker blue. He smiled to her and waved. "Thanks for driving me, Mom."

"No trouble. I was going to school to tell you and your sister anyway. But when you called telling me that Sasha left with a cop, I figured I'd pick you up, too." she replied. He nodded his head and then looked to the raven-haired girl he was currently holding. His mother smiled, sat down, and took Sasha into her own arms. Brushing some of her locks out of her face and she looked back to Shane, who had stood up and was now looking through the window. His mother merely pushed some of her curly blonde locks out her own face and then put her chin on Sasha's head.

"What happened exactly, Mom?"

"The Detective, Jakes, told me that he got a call from someone reporting screaming and crying from a woman, but they didn't know exactly where it was coming from. So the police sent someone to check things out." She gave a sigh before going on and then she looked to Sasha again, stroking her black locks. "They found Sarah in an alley and in her own blood, deathly pale, like she is now, but she had been taken care of, which was very odd. Jakes said they found bandages all on her, stopping the bleeding where it was needed most. So either the attacker patched her up, or someone found her, helped her out, and then left her. She's in unstable condition though, they said." Shane turned his head away from the woman, who was like his second mother. He looked to his real mother, eyes glassed over, with struggling tears. He knew what that meant. Sasha's mother would probably either die, or be in some sort of a coma for the rest of her days. She looked up and about joined him, seeing his face and expression. Shane wiped his eyes and then looked back to Sasha, watching as her sorrow was being lifted as she went further into sleep, to her world of dreams and happy endings....

Sasha slept and slept for a good three hours, left on the bench by Shane and his mother, who were called to pick up Shane's sister. Seems something had happened back at school and needed to be dealt with. So Jakes was there, at Sasha's side, waiting and waiting for the youth to wake up, though it really didn't bother the Detective at all. And it may have sounded selfish, but this took him away from paperwork that his partner was probably currently doing, bringing a smile to the face of the human that currently did not sleep. He didn't blame her for sleeping though, despite how odd he found it. The way she just fell asleep like that, it almost seemed like she had been under constant stress and this was the icing on the cake. But when the Detective in charge of the situation had first met her, She had seemed so happy and worry-free. With a shrug of his broad shoulders, he figured it was just something he knew nothing of, and didn't need to know about. He had no idea what her life was like, nor did he know how it must feel to find that your mother was on the brink of death, so the judging was not his job to do. His job: to watch over the girl. And he was doing just that, without any complications whatsoever...


Out of instinct, the law enforcer jumped up, giving a yelp while doing so, and drawing his gun, which he probably should've left in the car, but Jakes didn't listen all the time. He glanced left and right, down both directions of the Hallway, trying to find the origin of the sudden attention-grabbing clatter. He saw no obvious indications in the open, just nurses and doctors who were doing their everyday thing, as they usually did, so Jakes thought. The only other spot was behind him, in the room of the girl's mother. But no one was in there. He was sure of it, unless he had been rendered blind and dumb, then given amnesia for five seconds so as not to remember anything. But the chances of that were extremely slim. He even looked inside and there was no indication of another person being in there. But it was still suspicious.

Jakes took a glance over at Sasha again, before taking the silver orb on the door and turning clockwise, pushing the large slab of wood in front of him open and allowing him to peer inside.

The smell of a Hospital room is very distinct. The smell of ill-health certainly did exist and the smell of something on the brink of death also existed. An unpleasant smell, that made you want to run out and call a nurse for yourself. While it felt sickly disgusting, it also felt sickly clean. It just wasn't real, wasn't real at all. That's what Jakes decided anyway, and continued to think as he brought his body inside the dark room. The Light was kept out thanks to the curtains being drawn, and the darkness didn't help the smell, or Jakes' comfort in the room. And yet, he could tell that there was a light on somewhere, though it was dim. The Source of it was the bottom of a door that lead to the bathroom kept for the patient's use and family members as well. The nearest public bathroom was down the hall and three right turns from there. And if the distance didn't kill you, the fact that it was currently closed for repairs would certainly do it. But that wasn't Jakes' problem. Who was in that bathroom and how did they get in? THAT was his problem.

He didn't really consider stealth as an option, but he ended up doing it anyway, slowly creeping forward, towards the door, and then his movements became slower, as his eyes caught the shadow of the one in there suddenly moving. Now Jakes was either getting mad or really worried, because his face suddenly changed as well, watching the movements continue as he made his way to the doorknob. He took in a deep, quiet breath and decided something in his mind. On three, he thought.

"1... 2... ...3!!" In a series of quick movements, the door was swung open, slightly crashing against the cement walls, his Gun rose to eye level, and the hands of a nurse in bright red scrubs graced with blonde hair went behind her head as she gave a small scream in surprise. Jakes gave a similar, though lower, yelp in response. It took a few moments for the gun to lower and the Detective to punch the door with his balled fist only to follow this movement with a glare to the nurse. "Holy shit! How the hell did you get in and WHY are you in here more importantly?!" he half-yelled. The Nurse just put her hands on her red-dressed hips in obvious anger and bewilderment at the question.

"Well, 'Holy Shit', I've been assigned to watch over her and make sure she stays stable and alive. And I've BEEN in here since she was brought in here, sitting in the corner, reading a book, until I needed to take a bathroom break." she gave him her excuse in an almost childish voice, which betrayed her age. Jakes merely rolled his eyes at it, getting a glare from the nurse, which might have been the reason for his moving out of her way. Brushing past him, she mumbled something about changing shifts and going to find someone else to watch her.

He watched as she walked over to her indicated corner (which was in a position where he wouldn't have been able to see it from the outside window), grabbed the mentioned book and then stormed out in a flustered manner that resembled a child who just got told she couldn't have any dessert until she ate her spinach. The Detective closed the bathroom door, not bothering to turn out the light and then walked back out in the hallway to where he was supposed to stay, to watch over the teenager on the bench. The thought of the clatter had completely escaped him and he even began to wonder why he had gone inside in the first place. Confusing. It was all so confusing. And tiring. He should ask for a vacation in the near future... Then again there was this case about a suspected murder who was now a fugitive... Yeah, he needed a vacation.

When he looked behind him again Sasha was sitting up groggily, slightly rubbing her head. Each movement was slow and lazy, as it was expected to be when a normal teenager rose. She gave a small yawn before looking back up to him, then trailing to the large look-through window. She frowned and leaned back, her body slightly sinking into the 'fluffed' leather. Jakes couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl. Probably had a good dream only to wake up to this reality. What a spirit breaker. He gave a small wave to her and she returned it without any feeling.

"I think I got over the worst of it…" She stood up, shaking her head to get rid of whatever was left of her fatigue and went up to the window, placing her palm on it. It was a movement that made her look desperate to reach the woman inside. She looked desperate to begin with. Again, 'poor girl' went through Jakes' mind.

"It's understandable if you still feel pretty… You know… hm, I'm suddenly at a loss for the right word… But it is understandable. And it won't take us long to figure this thing out. You have my word on that. Your mother's attacker will be behind bars as soon as possible." Sasha looked at him, gave a sad, beaten down smile before looking back through the window. Jakes frowned to himself. This girl was more down-to-earth then he imagined. Most teens weren't like that. None that he encountered. Then again, the ones he dealt with were on Cloud Nine due to weed or meth or one of those good drugs.

Sasha was left in her own little world for a while, thinking of nothing. You don't realize when you aren't thinking right away. It takes a while to push you back into reality. Though the offering of a detective to by you a drink could do the trick. Sasha looked at him wearily and then nodded. She could use a drink with lots of caffeine in it. Might do her some good.

Jakes told her it might take him some time. He didn't know where everything in the hospital was and it wasn't exactly like it was small either. Sasha almost laughed at the way he stated all of this, but only smiled and sat back down. Laughing was not her thing right now. And once again, Jakes understood it perfectly. So while he was gone, she sat, and sat, and sat some more, then got up, and paced for a few minutes. Her body was tired of everything; movement, stillness, lying down, standing up, walking, sitting, tossing, turning, everything. Her body just did not agree with any of it. So she finally just gave up, placed her forehead on the window and closed her eyes as she stood still, ignoring the complaints of her body. Mom… what am I going to do? If anything happens to you, will I have to leave? …I'm too young to be worrying about this, aren't I? That's what you'd say…Sasha opened her eyes again and looked at her mother. The woman's chest was going up and down slightly and slowly. She wondered if her breathing was staggered sounding. Well, Sasha was not about to go in there just to find out. As she gazed onto her mother again, the teenager suddenly realized something was different about that entire picture. But as she looked harder, she realized nothing was wrong. Nothing in the room, nothing clearly visible. What could be out of place then?

Sasha took her head away from the glass to try and get a wider view. What was it that seemed wrong? Lighting? Angle? What was different? She squinted a bit, trying to take in every detail. It did seem darker. But why did it seem so? Nothing had changed really. No new lights in there. No new lights outside of the window, or lack of light either. The Teenager took about three steps back and looked at the view of the room once again. She lost focus for a minute and then noticed that there was a reflection. A woman… darkly dressed… with a deathly pale complexion. Sasha quirked her brow and then looked to her right. No one of that description was around on that side. And neither was there on the left side. Sasha looked back to the window, then she stumbled back and fell slightly on the leather cushioned bench. Her green orbs widened greatly when she realized her own reflection did not exist in the translucent mirror. In place of it was this woman…

Sasha's body began to shake madly and her body broke out in cold sweat. What was going on with her? Was she going mad? The woman…. She wasn't there… there was no way that she could… Her breathing was quick, as if the oxygen was slowly running out in her lungs… Why did the woman not move? A reflection… of something…. Someone… Didn't move? Sasha noticed that the lights were flickering, but green eyes didn't leave black ones. She was actually blaming this now apparent panic attack on her blurring vision. She opened her mouth, possibly to speak or call out to Jakes, but nothing came out. Those ebony eyes… They were violent to be so lifeless and they were… so angry…


A fire somewhere… Everywhere… A fire… in her chest… on the heart… This voice…

Kill…he must…

Where was this voice coming from? Sasha's mind was racing along with her burning heart… What about killing? And who was 'he?'


He must…He did…

Was the woman coming closer? Or was it more tricks of the mind?

"Who… Someone… hel…help…"


The lights were flickering madly again… Sasha's body would not stay still… The voice would not be silenced… She refused to be silenced… Angry… Pain… Killed… Millions except…. One… He must…








When Jakes found Sasha, it was directly after all the lights in that part of the Hospital had shut off and then turned themselves back on. She was on the floor curled up and shaking, as if having some sort of a seizure or going mad. She was cold and pale, and winced at his touch. He managed to turn her on her back to where it was easier to hold her and he noticed some blood on the front of her shirt. It was placed directly over her heart which caused him to give a slight panicked irk, but when he tore her shirt from the neckline to the shoulder in order to look at the wound, he only found a very light, seemingly old, though very distinct scar directly over her heart. And it wasn't bleeding freshly, like the shirt had indicated, and it didn't look like it had been at all. The detective was bewildered by this. But he managed to collect his thoughts and picked the teenager up, carrying her off to the nearest doctor just for his own conscience. Something was wrong with the girl, and it was in his job today to make sure nothing happened to her.

Cat's eyes followed his body, as the head that owned them rested upon the wall. They're amber color was lit up with some sort of over excitement as they watched the detective seem to get smaller and smaller down the bright hall way. Blonde locks fell into them though with this movement of curiosity and rest. Two seemingly clawed hands came together and then ran through the blonde locks. Then the hands adjusted the bright red scrubs the young body wore.

"This could get interesting…" she said mainly to herself. A small eight point star appeared on her forehead as she stood up straight, still looking after Jakes and Sasha. "It's just one thing after another… Yes, this is going to be extremely interesting… We'll be sure to keep an eye on that one…" A childish grin appeared on a child's face, and the girl-child tugged at the straps on her red colored overalls. The blonde locks were now set into two pig tails atop her head, and the amber coloring of the cat's eyes was fading into a sweet hazel. With an even sweeter grin on her face, she began to whistle to herself, turned on her heel, and skipped off in the opposite direction that Jakes was headed….

Chapter one

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1- "Shane!" the name came out as more of a half whisper then anything. - If ANY of you are familiar with the first Yasha Hybrid (which I kinda, sorta do not recommend nowadays) then you will know that originally, the Character, Shane, was Shinta. I changed it because I thought that I wanted to stick to a possibly more American theme. I kind of went too anime for my own liking in the first one. And I wanted it to make sense to more people. It's kinda stupid for a clearly American, Blonde, Blue-eyed boy to have a Japanese name. Plus I really like the name Shane. This also means that other people are subject to name changes. So don't be surprised if you go read Yasha Hybrid and some names don't match up.

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