Gluttony of Sweets

the small shy girl calls out to you
through silent words, her passion pursue
thy questions of his heart and mindIs his gluttony of sweets be this divine?

Her answer leaves her in a blush,
What charming words, thy fondest touch!
Deep brown eyes like chocolate chips
Tasty, savory, seductive for lips

A cherry heart melts, she feels unworthy praise
The stamp of the Lion, the Seal of his ways,
Shows her how much a heart does hold
Gluttony of a sweet, modest, and bold

A small shy girl who calls out in secret
Walking back and forth hoping to meet himUnder shady trees, hands out for sweets
like grapes, peaches, or French latte treats!
Whatever kind dessert he pleases to serve
Will leave her weakened by the gluttony unearthed!