Crashing Tragically Into Your

Slowly the heavy, sad bricks of long insecurity fall,
vines of poisonous smiles drop to your
presence where I am profoundly
and happily, crashing tragically
Into Your,
Where I steadily, instantly, motives long ago now gone
Your face, your soul, your spell-like curse
Emits the strangest emotion I know not
How you tied such a knot, the shyness inside me rots
Blots, of memories long ago where I lay confused
Waiting for someone, a hero, come crashing
Tragically into my
Hearing my, falling to my sad little world.
The hero from a faraway land of happiness travels
into mines, his glory and bravery only shines
and here, one sad and happy traveler intertwine.
To find something, lying deep within
It shines because it's tragically spinning
However its beating, bleeding inside our walls.
Day by day, hour after hour, that special traveler
Digs inside the morbid beauty, curious what to find
Hoping to see, one day, the rarity of the gem
the animal, or perhaps the angel
Buried in such a wall.
Until one fateful day, I, the sad traveler
could not wait a day longer and finally escaped
until one fateful day, he, the happier traveler
could not wait anymore and inched so, so much for the touch.
The wall cannot bear the darkness creeping
where the small, crying child lay dreaming, dormant and afraid
That is why both had to wait, because one cannot trade
the tragically, crashing wall that was once solidly made
Which now is rearranged and all insecurity gradually change
Are you, my hero, willing to open my doors?
Go ahead dear Leo, that is, if only if
I can feel your heart fall.