Damien couldn't believe he was doing this. He was currently stripping off his clothes in front of an art class. He was being paid, but still! Oh, but he needed the money.

"Class, I believe you all know Damien," the teacher said. He smiled encouragingly. "He's going to be our nude model." Someone wolf whistled as Damien pulled off his shirt, showing off numerous tattoos and plenty of scars. Damien saw that it was Josh, and blushed. Josh suposedly had a crush on him. Damien yanked off his pants, wanting to get this over with. "Leave your shoes on please. There are splinters in the stage."

"Ok. How am I posing?" the teacher told him, and David stared in shock. "O-ok." He hesitantly moved into position, sitting on a pillow and leaning back on his hands, legs spread.

"A little wider. We're going for a challenge here." Damien made an annoyed noise and did as he was told. "Oh, what to do with the tail?" Damien looked over at Josh, who looked like he wanted to pounce on the cat boy. Damien was startled when the teacher took his tail and pulled it over one knee so it dangled. "Keep it there please. And your hair . . ." he moved the dark strands so they hung over one yellow eye. "Good. That's perfect. Can you stay like that?"

"Can you pay me more?"

"Thirty an hour instead of fifteen?" Damien nodded.

So, he sat like that for two hours, getting very cold, and his hair was tickling his nose, making him twitch.

"Can I move closer to get the details?" one student asked.

"Of course, Josh." Josh grinned as he moved up right next to the stage. Damien became agitated when the boy's eyes never seemed to leave his lower half.

"Hey, there's more to me than that, man." He muttered. Josh looked up and blushed. Damien was startled by how lovely it looked, and he found himself thinking of other ways of making Josh blush. Then he gasped in horror when he realized what was happening. "Shit!" he sat up, closing his legs. "Sir?" the teacher turned away from the student he was helping.


"Er, can I leave?"

"But we're not done." Damien began gathering his clothes. He couldn't believe it was happening there, of all places. It only happened once a month.

He was in heat.

"Damien!" Josh grabbed Damien's arm. "What's wrong? Did I scare you away? I didn't mean to. It's just, you're so beautiful and-" Damien grabbed Josh's shirt and dragged him out, dropping everything in his arms. "Damien, what the hell – " Damien knew there was only one way to stop the cycle for a while. He opened a bathroom and pushed Josh inside. He entered as well and shoved a waiting chair against the door so no one could open it from the outside.

Damien felt his body warming up, and his muscles becoming tense. He looked at Josh, who saw the change in his eyes from yellow to red.

"D-Damien?" Damien stepped closer, his tail wrapping around Josh's arm.

"I'm in heat. It's time to mate."

"Oh . . . oh joy . . ." Josh let out a moan as Damien attacked his neck, licking and sucking for all he was worth. Damien kissed his way up to Josh's mouth and gave him a brief peck before dropping to his knees.

"You have a condom on you?" he managed to ask.

"N-no." Damien sighed and took Josh's erection into his mouth. He would just have to risk it. After a moment Josh tugged on Damien's hair to get him off his cock. "I'm gonna come if you keep that up."

"Alright," Damien backed up and sat on the counterspace. It was just the right height, so he spread his legs. "Come and get it, then." Josh grinned and instead of getting right down to it he leaned down. Damien gasped when he felt that tongue wiggle inside him. "J-Josh! God . . ." Damien's hand in Josh's hair only seemed to encourage him more. He began tonguefucking Damien with a vengence, at the same time playing with his cock. Damien leaned back on his elbows and threw his head back, bucking his hips. "En-enough! Just fuck me!" Josh stood back up and wiped his mouth.

"You sure? I don't have any lube-"

"Don't need it." Damien grabbed Josh and pulled him against him. He was wild with want. Josh realized this and quickly aimed himself before sliding in slowly. Damien opened his mouth to remind Josh to pull out before he came but it was lost in a moan.

Grunts and cries of pleasure soon filled the room, as well as the slap of skin on skin. It didn't take long for Damien to finish. Josh thrust in a few more times before holding still and shuddering. He leaned forward and rested against Damien's chest for a moment, enjoying the smell of him. Sweat, sex, and something entirely him. Josh's eyes flickered open in surprise when he realized the scent was making him hard again.

"Jeez . . ." Damien panted, "did you come inside me?"

"Uh-huh." Josh kissed Damien's chest and started thrusting shallowly, not really trying to come. Damien moaned.

"You're still hard?"

"Yep." Damien's legs wrapped around Josh's waist and he lifted his hips to meet him. One of Josh's hands found his and they laced their fingers together. Josh leaned down and kissed his new lover, snaking his tongue between open lips. Damien gave a short whimper, and his tail found its way to Josh's ass. Josh gasped and began fucking Damien in earnest again.

"Oh God . . ." Damien held his stomach and groaned, rolling onto his side. He'd just gotten back from the bathroom and he felt like throwing up again. He knew why he was feeling that way, and it only made him feel worse.

"Hey babe! Uh . . . what's wrong?" Josh came into the room and sat on the bed. He brushed some hair out of Damien's eyes.

"I'm sick." Damien slid off the bed and ran to his bathroom. Josh followed him and held his hair back.

"You have the flu or something?" he asked, frowning in concern. Damien went to the sink, finally feeling the sickness leave him, and washed his mouth out.

"I wish that's what it was. You remember when I was in heat?"

"Of course. We haven't had sex since then," Josh pouted.

"Well I'm pregnant." It took a moment for the new information to sink into Josh's head.


"Yes, shit. It's your child."

"But . . . I didn't know you could get pregnant. Why didn't you tell me?" Damien gave Josh an exasperated look.

"Because I was in heat and and all I could think about was having some part of you in my ass!" Josh sighed and pulled Damien close to him in an embrace.

"Let's not fight about this, ok? Are we keeping the baby?"

"Cub, and yes, we're keeping it. Or at least I am."

"Do you want me to raise the cub with you?" Josh asked. Damien looked down at him and put his arms around Josh's shoulders. He ran his hands through the man's hair and nodded.

"The question is, do you want to tie yourself down to me?" Josh just looked into his eyes. "If we mate a second time . . . I won't be able to leave you. I'll be your life mate, and if you leave me . . ." Damien grimaced. "I'll go insane and most likely kill off all our offspring." Josh's eyes widened.

"We can have more kids?" Damien nodded, and Josh grinned. He pushed Damien onto the bed. "Just so you know, I want a big family." Damien let a small smile cross his face and pulled Josh onto him, kissing him deeply.

"Good. Same here."

"I love you, Damien." Damien pulled back and stared at Josh for a moment before sighing.

"I love you too, unfortunately." Josh just laughed and kissed him again.