Chapter 4

How s school going? My mother s voice asked over the phone.

It s going okay. I miss high school sometimes though. I answered.

I understand, sweetie. Have you made a lot of new friends?

A couple. My roommate is awesome though. We get along famously.

That s great dear. I m sorry but I have to run. Call me later, ok?

I will, Mom. Bye.

I was answered with a click. My mom never said goodbye on the phone; she was always so busy. During the day, her life went by a mile a minute, then at night she enjoyed her evening martini. Or two, or three

I sighed and swung my legs from the bed. It was time that I stopped feeling sorry for myself. My homesickness, coupled with regret and shame had put me into this funk. I refused to go out with Carrie since that night and instead I stayed in watching romance movies where everything worked out for the heroine. But life was not like Audrey Hepburn s in Love in the Afternoon, the innocent girl did not charm the famous playboy into falling in her love with her. Well, maybe Audrey Hepburn could do it but Diana Calfrey could not.

This kind of thinking was exactly what put me here in the first place: in my pajamas, eating popcorn, and sulking, on a Friday night. Well now it was Halloween, a night where I could be anyone I dared. Now, I had the perfect inspiration.

Carrie! What are you up to tonight? I asked her.

She was jarred by my sudden words. She had been applying heavy eye makeup, but unlike the toe painting incident she did not mess up. The usual. Zach is having a party at his place, but first I m making the rounds to some frats. Why?

I thought I would come.

This time she nearly did mess up her makeup. Are you serious? I thought you had given up the night life after your one night of wantonness that was really rated PG.

I glared at her. Hey, in my life that was pretty rated R. I paused, Ok, maybe it was more like PG-13, but it was not just PG!

Carrie laughed and turned back towards the mirror. Ok, you win. Now, what are you going to be?

The one and only Holly Golightly.

Carrie helped me with my makeup and hair. In the process, there was a knock at the door and two girls entered, Tammy and Liz. Tammy was dressed as a police officer while Liz was dressed as a cow girl. The skanky versions in both cases, of course.

Ok, Carrie, let s get this show on the road. I m ready to go. Tammy whined. She was sitting down by bouncing her knee in an antsy way.

Chill, Tammy. Looking this hot does not happen instantly, Carrie shot back. Tammy simply rolled her eyes and turned around to face Carrie s computer. Pulling up iTunes, she blasted some recent rap song. Liz started dancing in place while Carrie straightened her hair. This scene was probably being copied in hundreds of universities across the nation. The only thing that would make it complete would be one girl frantically checking her Facebook for any new updates, or to check some hot guy s profile.

I feel like I can t go ten minutes without going on Facebook, Tammy said as she pulled up the website. Scene complete.

I bit my lip as I examined myself in the mirror. Carrie had managed to elegantly sweep up my short hair, so it somewhat resembled Holly Golightly s hair. The little black dress clung to my body and I had to admit it, I did look good. Carrie had the talent to making anyone look hot. But was this disguise enough to make me forget all my worries? Was going out really a good idea? I remembered what had happened not to long ago. Well, I decided, I just could not go overboard with the drinking. I was going to have to cut myself off. Waking up in someone else s bed with no memory was not going to happen again.

Ok, girls, let s take some shots and get out of here, Carrie announced. Tonight she was dressed as a devil, complete with red heels, horns, and tail. There was not much else to her outfit.

Carrie poured four shots of vodka and while each girl took hers readily, I hesitated. You don t have to drink if you don t want to, Carrie reassured me.

A part of me didn t, but a part of me did. Like I said, I ve always been the good girl and despite my one night of PG-13 fun, I was still a goody-two shoes through and through.

No, it s ok, I want to. What the hell? You only live once, right? Why not have some fun? I would just have to control myself. This was totally doable.

Cheering to having a fun night, I took the shot. It burned as it went down and I immediately reached for my chaser. We took two more each and then headed for the door. Being the lightweight that I was, I was already feeling it. But I was in a happy space. Maybe this would be a good night after all.
The stench of beer and sweat slapped my face as soon as we entered the basement of some frat whose letters meant nothing to me. We all held hands as Carrie lead us the bar, so we would not lose each other. She smiled and greeted the guy who stood behind the bar. She ordered four cups and they were passed down the line. I looked inside to see what looked like Koolaid. Ah, it was the famous college jungle juice. Take koolaid or lemonade, and add everclear. And voila, you have jungle juice. Guaranteed to get you fucked up. Carrie and the other girls eagerly drank theirs while I sipped mine. Thankfully I did not taste the alcohol, but I think that is supposed to be the point. I had never been to a sketchy frat party before, so this was definitely an experience. I suppose it is similar to a night club, except that the girls outnumber the guys by a lot, for there is a certain male to female ration required when entering a frat party. Other then that, it is a bunch of sweaty, drunk people dancing to music, or rather grinding on each other.

Once we moved away from the bar, each girl started dancing. I could feel my buzz wearing off and I had to be under some kind of influence to be doing this. I was never a big dancer, except maybe choreographed dancing on teams. I drank half of my cup quickly, hoping to restore something of the buzz I had just lost. Quickly, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. A guy had just started dancing with me! Without even asking! Ok, this was not ok. I froze, unable to continue dancing. I was suddenly aware of my whole body. Carrie gave me a reassuring nod, while a guy came to dance with her. I guess she met to lead by example.

My shy girl countenance flamed up and I felt extremely uncomfortable. Even with the alcohol in my system, my inhibitions were pretty strong. I was never the let lose type. I downed the rest of my cup and mumbled something about getting more. He offered to get it for me, but I quickly declined and made a bee line for the bar. The guy behind the counter smiled at me and asked what he could get me.

Juice, please. I answered quietly. I was hot, sweaty, and I m sure my cheeks were rosy as a cherry.

He filled it up with the liquid in the giant Gatorade cooler and handed my cup back to me. I found the girls again, well minus Carrie. She was farther off making out with that same guy who had been dancing with her. I shook my head and quickly downed my full cup. This was going to be a long night.