Forceful Combination

Live float by, merrily apart from each other
winding in trails of memories
and halting only at the un-climbable cliff-face of death soaring an
unimaginable distance
straight into the endless expanse of space and time

Lives seem to want to act independently from one another,
Living, wishing, leading themselves into oblivion without the help of anything.

Lives, however, are their own demise and
become unwillingly intertwined with others.
Fiercely they fight in the unending battle of separation.
What they want is not always granted.

Insignificant intersection such as an overheard cell phone call questioning,
"What about the alcohol?" and "She wants us all there but we can catch a movie later,' to such significance as a marriage ending up creating, willing, or unwillingly, a new life which in itself is wanting and winding similarly in its insignificantly significant life along with the endless counts of other lives that could, will, or will not leave a mark on this life.

Lives are their own demise

What they want is never granted.