Trapped Hope

A/N: Okay so this story came to me when I was over a friend's house. I was looking at her basement when I saw her little sister's doll house (the type where it is like you cut the house down the middle (left to right, not front to back)and threw away the side to see inside). Yes, she did look at me a little wierdly when I kept staring, but I had got this idea. This isn't Beauty and the Beast but the whole house thing can be compared to it. When I'm a little more sure about the plot line I'll post it. I haven't really edited this except for a little bit of spelling and grammar. I appreciate all feedback. Flames don't really do anything though.

Summary: A girl, whose name means hope, is in a beautiful mansion where she can have just about anything she wants. The problem? She can't get out. Then one day she meets the man who trapped her.

Every day I wake up in this place. Someone else would call it paradise. They would call it a dream. And that's exactly how I wish it felt. I can't remember anything but this place. I've been here so long I can't remember how I got here… if I ever knew.

If you stayed here for a day, you would be telling me to be thankful. If you stayed here for only a year you would say it's wonderful. If you stayed here for five years you would say it was a dream. But when you can only remember this and only have this to look forward to it loses its touch.

What is where I am? How is the building? What type of things is in it? Everything that I want. Quite literally. If I want something it's there. If I want the room redone another way, it suddenly is. I used to spend time designing rooms and then wishing for them. I guess it was fun. But I don't do that anymore. After awhile having everything you want but no one to share it with can get boring. I mean like sometimes there are animals or "spirits" but no other humans.

My room is very plain. Just a bed, a desk, a chair, and a few books. Oh, and of course some paper and pens. The walls are a mural of whatthe outside world might be. At first I thought of leaving them plain white, but I reconsidered. The mural might get my hopes up, but white would make me go insane.

You might still be wondering what is so horrible about this place. Like I could go into town and see people there, right? No such luck. The catch is that I'm stuck on the Manor's grounds. That is what I call the mansion and the places with the gates that I can go. I don't know who owns this place so I refer to everything as the Manor's. Don't think I haven't tried wishing myself out—or even wishing for a visit from someone. It doesn't work. I guess I don't get everything I want.

The layout is pretty simple. Top floor is my bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Second floor is the study, workout stuff, and just about anything fancy. The dining room is there, too, but I don't use it. First floor is the kitchen, parlor, a porch out back, and a comfy living room. Each floor has its own wings. In the yard there are gardens and sometimes animals. I guess when I said simple, I meant simple to explain.

Everyday is so real. This is my life. I wish it was a nightmare. Nightmares end.