The Necessary Evils

The disillusioned youth;

An idealistic realist;

Sought and found an escape from the cultural wasteland;

Forgotten for ages, but brought back to civilization;

If he left there in the first place.

The Godseed

Transcended from flesh to biomechanics;

Beyond the confines of human frailty;

And into a career of the shadows;

Yet protecting a fellowship of all sentient life;

Different forms but still human.

The Godforge

Against bestial lust and animalistic savagery;

Forge the transhuman to steel and might;

Rationality over inhumanity;

And a path to godhood apparent;

As the deluge is unleashed.

The Godhead

Hatred feeds hatred;

But defeated with kindness;

A will to power and existence;

For even total oblivion cannot destroy the will to create;

Raw creation lies beyond good and evil.