Wherever by writerforever

You and me, my funny friend and me

We were like brothers, you and me

We watched the summer months fly by

Enjoying life, you and me

But now that you're gone

I can't help but wonder

What the future holds

Sometimes I feel so alone

Just knowing that I can never see you again

You helped me along life's treacherous road

You showed me how to be free

To be myself

But now that you're gone

I'm afraid to face the world

Without you by my side

Without you there to laugh with me

To cry with me

To lift me up when I'm down

Everyone needs a friend

But not everyone has one

In time there may be more friends in my life

Now that you are gone

But none will ever compare to you

My best friend

So wherever you are

Hear my words please

And don't forget me in our separation

It may be a few days

It may be a year

It may be never

Before we see each other again

But wherever you are remember me

Think of me

And remember all the wonderful times we shared

Because I'll be praying for you

And I'll be thinking of you