She cries at night and she doesn't know why
All that she knows is she weeps at night
Could it be she feels so damn worthless?
Used and abused; she's felt these curses

Dying inside
How long can she survive?
She's cold as death
Everyone sees her dead

Hate, anger, and betrayel
Poured into the vein
Hurt, fury, and deception
She cries out in pain

She feels the wrath of these blackened people
She trusts no one; she fears betrayel
How can she speak through a mouth that's sewn shut?
Fighting through these tears, just to be loved

Closing her eyes
Lost hope in all her life
Her crumbling heart
Two pieces drift apart


Wilting away
She's a broken rose
Drifting away
Her mind is enclosed

(Chorus 2x)

She cries
And she cries