A/N…okay, this came to me last night, when my boy friend sent me a text message and just to let you know the writing in bold is what he said and the stuff after is just what I was thinking through it all!

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Just wanted to let you know:

I cherish you,

Above all else, the feelings I feel for you no one else,
You make me smile every single day,
No tears ever fall from my grace.

I hold you,

You hold me tight and kiss my cheek,
I feel your warmth and see the feat,
Our love has grown and saved my life,
I feel you and know everything is going to be all right.

I think you,

You in me I feel you burn,
I feel you touch and caress my skin,
I feel the pleasure you give to me,
Over and over I remember, I feel,
I think you, you think me,
I hope these thoughts never leave.

I breathe you,

Xale you say, as I feel you close,
Hot humid breath, takes a hold,
You breathe me in each and everyday,
I feel you close even though you're so far away.

I smile because of you,

Set from grace, I see you there,
No-doubt, not a care,
My mouth curls and you see me smile,
Your heart melts as mine flies,
You smile because of me,
And knowing that helps me see our love is true.

Above all, I LOVE YOU Alexandra,

My heart soars, as these words are spoken,
My heart melts for these words of token,
My spirit lightens as I see your eyes,
I know this is how you feel in side.

I love you Gavin,
Never doubt those words,
We'll be together forever,
Souls entwined for the better.