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This is made to look as if it came from a person's diary and they wrote a poem to express their feelings. The second stanza makes sense if you read every other line and then read the "--...--" lines together, but due to the way I wanted the poem to go I left them as they are. The last word should rhyme or closely rhyme with the first word of the next sentence, except when starting a new stanza. It just seemed to come out that way.

Dear Diary,

Such a short time ago I was freed. Yet, somehow, he—I won't ever say or write is name again--still taints me. Lies were all he told me and now I can learn the truth, they say. But I think somewhere along the line I learned a deeper truth. Taint me the memories may, but I am no longer naïve.

The colors steaming through my eyes
Lie with ever glitter,
Bitter with regret
Let me forget.

I can't remember his smell
--Hell is all and more--
Nor his …"touch"…
--Such Hell I lived through--
Two forgotten eyes
--Sighs were breathed in fire--
Desire will know me no more.

Dreadful memories leave me
See I am not the same
Games were played and lost
Boss he is no more
Sores will heal
Real is my world now.
How long will it take before you see?
Be gone!

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