How will I go about
Getting out of this mess?

What you've done is unforgivable
What I've done is so much worse
And now I cannot find
My lover
She must be in the river
Or up by the gallows
Watching people die

She's a lover like a spider
Except that she's not hurt me
One little bit
She's hurting
And she's been abused
And I can't leave her
Like this

But Christ, there's something so much more insane
Than I
Just waiting round the corner
And I can't face a thing
Until I've had a shave
And a glass of something
And even then I cower

She's so regal
And so tragic
But I am torn apart
Because I'm stupid
And callous
And guilty
And quite possibly cruel

It was not enough
To get me by
My guilt can keep me going
Even when the world deserts the traitor
The past is more enthralling than the present
And the future is a fool's game.