I'm not invincible
Except when I'm alone
And I am not invincible
Except when I am grieving
I need to grieve
I need to spasm
I need to die
I need to crucify

I am not anything
You know,
You have been here before
And led me through the camp
To the punishment isolator
I worked without water
For days
And you still did not take me back
Just blamed me for your guilt

My guilt is stronger
And you'd better not try to prove it
Or you'll be finished
Sooner than you know

Is all you've got
So don't pin it all on me
I'm not yours
I'm not anyone
To kill me
You would have had to let me live
But you didn't
So now it's too late

Take me
Take me all you want
But the ragged body doesn't respond like it should
A little discouraging crack
As the last bones break
And you leave me to it
What more could you do?