(They said) she is/was typical absurdity.

Perfect little fragile bones (of) Fingers bent on toying/tugging at her hair. (She lost the ribbons in the mirror) and now she has no one to play with.

After all, she's just illustrated nonsense and/with tiny fairy wings. (she pinned them and they. aren't. real.)(enough) Just a carbon copy of a fictional anti-existing little girl with predetermined heartbreak and a well planned escape-

I n s a n i t y- does whisper in her tiny (elfin) ears. They burned the ribbons. Glitter turns to dust.

The voices names are Tick and Tock and they just won't go away.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who found lillies in pixies and-

They told her she's not real.

"Fade away,
my dear.