To Whom It May Concern

Well, quite frankly its been a horrible time on here. Yeah, I've met a few nice people, but those were few and far between. I'm really not actually sure why the hell I made a myspace in the first place. It's kind of a useless invention. So I'm going to just keep my account up and maybe check it once a month for the next si months. But when October rolls around a few things will have happened. I will only be adding people that I actually know in real life. I'm sick of knowing people I'll never meet. And I hate being hit on by some person who thinks I'm cute. Save that for when you see me in class or on the street. This is neither the time nor place. And expect to be deleting if, I have never talked to you, you are a complte stalker or I just don't like you very much. The deleting will be in effect as of now. The deleting of my whole account will happen after that. I mean some of you are actually pretty cool, but I know that having three hundred friends is excessive. What am I trying to prove by having that many friends anyway? I'm not proving anything excet for maybe I'm desperate for attention. And quite frankly there are better ways for that. And as for my sn. I do not give that out as of now. So do not ask for it. I'm sick of everyone having it. And having people that I do not know talking to me. I know I've done it to people in the past, but I knew it was weird when I did it. Sometimes I'm weird. But I never sent people some of the messages I've been sent. I'm not a fucking stalker psycho. Thanks for your time, some of you are truly awesome people. And some of you are not, but I guess that's why they say that theres someone for everyone. I'm just not your someone. Thanks for your time. And its nothing personal, well maybe it slightly is. But a lot of you should just smile and nod along because quite frankly you don't know me. Thanks for the times. Whatever kind they were.

Kimberly Van Horn