My owner loves me
She throws her arms around my neck
She smothers my face with kisses
She never tells me that I'm a wreck
She saves me from that thing that hisses

My owner loves me
She lets me chase her around the house
At the table she sneaks me treats
She permits me to nose her tiny mouse
And tolerates my exuberant greets

My owner loves me
She protects me when her dad gets mad
At me when I 'accident'
She hugs me after saying I'm bad
And comforts me after these incidents

My owner loves me
Her arm is draped across my back
As her fingers gently pet
She cries silently into my neck
For now, I don't mind the wet

My owner loves me
She seeks from me my solace
In this time of greed
My back covered with light tresses
As her wrists gently bleed

My owner loves me
I feel her hugging me tight
And she whispers into my ear
Her eyes have lost that joyous light
As she tells me of her fears

My owner loves me
Her grip around me starts to slack
And she takes her final breathe
Those red-slashed wrists, the console they lack
Pushes her silently into death

My owner loves me
My owner loves me.