Ch 2

"I can't believe that jerk!" Nanase mumbled as she threw her jacket on a chair; next she plopped down on her bed and picked up her house phone. "863...........9922........" She muttered as she punched in the numbers and waited for her calle to pick up; it rang 3 times but instead of her best friend's cheerful voice, it went to her voice mail.

" Hey it's Hiruka. I can't come to the phone right now for whatever reason so-"

Nanase slammed the phone down, cutting off the message, and fell back on her mattress. "Thanks Hiruka." She mumbled as she stared at the ceiling; what she needed now was someone to blab about her stressful night, but for now it was postponed till morning. "I should just shake it off and ignore him." Nanase told herself. "What does he know anyway? He's probably just another one of those perverted jerk offs who thinks he knows everything." Shiro's comment still rang in Nanase's ears and not only was it unforgettable but it was also unforgivable. "What kind of girl does he think I am anyway?!" She asked herself as she pushed herself in a sitting position. She thought about it for a moment then lied back down. "Ugh.....I don't have time for this shit now anyway; I got school tomorrow." Nanase mumbled as she flicked off her light as she prepared, and hoped for, a good night's sleep.

"That girl sure was something." Shiro said to himself with a little chuckle as he slipped on his boxers. " A feisty little thing though." He muttered as he pulled for his shirt and tried to fix his perfectly messy hair. "Oh well. I'll deal with her tomorrow." He told himself as he climbed into bed. He was about to shut off the lights when another thought popped into his head. "She actually would make a pretty good girlfriend." He said with a seductive smirk. "Good night....Nanase.." He said to oblivion as he shut off the lights.

So both of them slowly drifted off into subconsciousness and tenderly awaited the day ahead of them.

Chobi: Wow, that was short. Sorry, but after that long Ch1 I had to make a short one to break the ice! Other comming up soon! Keep reading