I am of you, entire and complete,

Skinless emotion rubbed raw and exposed.

But I've been tarnished by your deceit.

Fury disturbs me to the point that I propose,

No, I beg you, leave me, please.

Bleed me. Cut off my life at the source.

The strength to depart from you is not in my possession.

Demolish every grain of hope with force.

I entreat you, use savagery.

Go on, murder my heart

Barricade all roads that might lead to you.

Passionately rip my soul apart.

For I only breathe poison.

And I only speak hate.

I have not the grace to forgive.

Your lies have turned me into a snake.

My blood boils and I know not whether from anger or passion.

With you, love and hate become utterly confused.

I'm spiteful, paranoid, crazy, and controlling,

Drained of all compassion and understanding by your constant abuse.

You've made me hate myself. I scream constantly.

Can't I irritate you enough to leave?

You know I'll beg you not to,

But I need you to do this for me.

You've turned me into this person,

This person that I just don't know.

Save me from myself.

Please, please, just go.

Rage is too great of a burden to bear.

I am poisoned by your every act.

Just leave me. Please, just go.

No, don't leave. I love you. Come back.