He Said She Said Live Like No Tomorrow

Knock knock!

The sharp rapping startled Simon from his furious typing. He was instant messaging his sister, whom he hadn't talked to in almost a year. Jolting up, he banged his knee against the underside of the smallish computer desk, causing him to swear viciously.

Typing a quick 'be right back,' Simon stood with every intention of telling whoever it was to go the hell away. Of course, that's before he opened the door to a grinning Karl.

Karl was one of his closer friends, but had been in a huge depressive slump. To see Karl grinning on his doorstep was a good thing, and he didn't have the heart to tell the other man to go away.

"Hey Karl. What's up?" He let Karl in, returning to the other room and sitting in front of the computer again, where he was dismayed to find his sister had had to go.

"Not much." Karl practically beamed. Simon grinned back – it was fabulous to see Karl in such great spirits.

"Did you win the lottery or something, man? You're beaming like a 100 watt light bulb over there." Simon said playfully.

"Something like that." Karl replied enigmatically.

After a short pause, Simon asked, "Well? Aren't you going to tell me?"

Karl looked thoughtful. "Perhaps." A cheeky grin split across Karl's face as he almost bounced in place on Simon's couch.

Simon narrowed his eyes briefly – so Karl wanted to play hardball did he? The expression was off his face in a second, replaced by a pair of the saddest puppy dog eyes this side of the Mississippi.

As predicted, Karl couldn't hold up against the sad-kicked-puppy-dog-eyes-of-sorrow. Of course it was done with much griping about unlicensed use of 'the look.'

"Well, a good friend of ours gave me some stellar advice." Karl explained.

"Oh?" Simon asked, intrigued. Karl wouldn't talk to him about what was bugging him, so Simon's natural curiosity had been practically eating him alive for the last few weeks.

"Yep!" Karl did bounce at that, his short brown curls flopping up and down with the movement. He looked rather impish at the moment, child-like smirk on his face as he withheld information from Simon. Simon grinned.

A more serious light lit into Karl's expression though, as Simon watched. Karl's eyes went slightly wider than normal as he stared long and hard at Simon.

"I came to a realization a few weeks ago – you probably noticed." Karl started to explain, a slight frown marring his face. "I realized there was someone I really liked, perhaps even was in love with. But I never thought the person might like me back, which is why I was all depressed lately." Karl stopped, and Simon jumped right in.

"And you couldn't talk to me about this… why?"

"Because you're really, really close to this person." Karl said solemnly. Simon's eyes narrowed in thought. Who did he know who was close enough that Karl would hesitate to tell him over?

"Who? Did you tell her?" Simon asked finally, when it appeared Karl wasn't going to say anything.

Karl's face fell a bit, and he smiled a bit sadly. "Him."


"Did I tell him? Not yet." Karl smiled a bit wistfully. "I don't think he's going to take it too well, but it's something I've got to do."

Simon was unable to do anything but gape. Karl was gay? How had he missed that memo? Without a word Simon stood, crossed the room to the nearest wall, and started banging his head against it.

"Si?" Karl asked, concerned, pulling him away from the wall.

"Ow." Simon winced, rubbing his forehead.

"Well… duh." Karl rolled his eyes. "Not exactly how I thought you were going to take it."

"How the hell did I miss this?" Simon asked, flopping back into his chair, swinging his legs up over the side of the chair.

"I didn't exactly advertise." Karl glowered.

Simon snickered. "Yeah, I still probably would've missed it, even if you had taken out full page ads in the newspapers."

"But you're okay with it?" Karl asked anxiously.

"Is this one of those things that's been making you all depressed lately?" Simon asked, tilting his head a bit to meet Karl's eyes.

"Well, yes." Karl frowned a bit. "I didn't want you to take it badly."

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine with it. Hell, we can check out guys together now." Simon laughed outright at the look on Karl's face.

"Wait, what?" Karl looked so cute when he was confused, Simon concluded.

"I'm bi. I thought you knew that. Obviously not."

"Oh! Oh…" Karl replied, using his extremely diverse vocabulary. Simon just laughed again.

"So this person you like… who is it?" Simon asked, grinning widely.

"You'll laugh." Karl stated frankly, pressing his lips together to suppress his own mirth.

"I solemnly swear… well, no, if you say I'll laugh, I'll probably laugh." Simon snickered. "But hey, I'm your friend! It's all in good… faith…"

Karl heaved a melodramatic sigh.

"I can't believe I missed that you were gay." Simon commented dryly.

Karl glowered. "Fine. Be that way. I just won't tell you."

"Kaaarl." Simon whined.

Karl snickered. "Fine, fine. Well, it's…" Karl paused, snickering. Simon pouted. "Elijah."

"Elijah?!" Simon's eyes went wide. "You like Elijah?!"

"Um… yes?" Karl blinked.

"Oh, god Karl." Simon frowned at his friend. "That's not good, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. But I'm just going to get it over with and tell him. He can formally denounce me and then hopefully I'll start to get over it." Karl replied. "Besides, half of me really, really wants to see his face when I kiss him." Karl smirked mischievously.

"Karl!" Simon couldn't help the grin that crossed his face. Sadly, Elijah Walters was one of the staunchest homophobes the pair had ever met. He was nice enough usually, it was just, confronted with anything that appeared homosexual, he flipped.

"What?" Karl smiled innocently, though he couldn't hide the sadness that lurked there.

"Oh, Karl." Simon smiled sadly and hugged his friend. Karl hugged back fiercely, but pulled back quickly, tears glittering in his eyes.

"I'm planning to do it today, he gets off work in an hour." Karl said, standing. "Would you come with me?" Karl asked hopefully.

"Of course." Simon reassured. "Come on, if we want to get there we'll have to leave soon."

Elijah worked fast food, and he was actually a manager at this particular branch of Wendy's. Elijah generally got done at the same time everyday, and left to drive back to his dorm room on campus everyday. Elijah was dependent upon his schedules.

Sadly, today his schedule would be interrupted. For today, he would get a major shock. In about ten minutes, actually.

Elijah left the Wendy's building in a rather good mood. He'd gotten an award for dedicated service, which amused him. Dedicated fast food service.

Outside the building were two people he wasn't expecting to see though – Simon and Karl. Simon deftly stepped off to the side, disappearing across the parking lot without a word, only a short nod in greeting, leaving him alone with Karl.

"Hey, Karl." He greeted, with a nod.

"Hey, Elijah." Karl seemed rather nervous, and rather sad. Elijah knew the man was coming out of a rather nasty depression, so he attributed the sadness to that.

"Can I talk to you real quick?" Karl asked, stepping away from the building.

"Sure." Elijah followed Karl as he crossed the parking lot, ducking into a shadowed cul-de-sac made entirely of bushes and sporting a picnic table.
"You're going to hate me." Karl stated calmly, with a sad smile.

"What?" Elijah asked, confused.

"You heard me. And I'm sorry, but I can't help it."

Karl wasn't talking sense.

Of course, Karl wasn't talking anymore – Karl was kissing him.

Simon was waiting nearby when Karl emerged from the little hidey hole of bushes. Karl smiled a bit wanly at him before crossing to stand by him. Elijah didn't come out.

Simon smiled sadly back before escorting Karl to his car. Neither said anything until they were driving back to Simon's.

"He was just quiet." Karl said quietly, one of his knees clasped to his chest in a move that only the short could perform. "He didn't hit me, or yell at me. He just said he wasn't interested in guys. He said to look him up when I got over him, he'd like to be friends still."

Simon raised an eyebrow. "Wow."

"Yeah, I expected worse." Karl smiled a bit, the expression sad and forlorn.

"It'll be okay, Karl."

"Yeah, I know."

She said he said live like no tomorrow

Every day we borrow

Brings us one step closer to the edge (infinity)

Where your treasure, where's your hope

(One Year Later)

Karl grinned widely as he bounded into the living room, throwing himself heavily onto Simon's lap. Simon let out an exasperated 'oof' but didn't protest. He protested even less as Karl kissed him soundly on the lips, letting his hands wander a bit – until a cleared throat alerted him to the fact that they weren't alone.

Elijah just rolled his eyes at them, Simon swatting Karl as he pouted a bit. Simon shoved Karl over and stood, helping Elijah set up the gamecube as Karl chatted happily with Sally, Elijah's girlfriend.

They took turns, Karl trouncing everyone, seconded by Sally. Simon and Elijah were pretty much tied for last. Elijah and Sally stayed until late, but left around one in the morning, leaving Karl to snuggle sleepily up to Simon, who didn't mind, guiding his boyfriend to their bedroom to fall asleep contently.

Bah. Don't like the ending much. But I do like the story. Based off a bit of lyrics out of Switchfoot's song Gone. Very upbeat, that song. In any case, Reviews are welcome.