By: Chestnuts / K. Guevarra

Honestly can you think?

Where will I be?

If you haven't found me

Stuck between the pages of the book you never see.

I praise the day you found me there

Though I know inside your mind

That thought is left bare.

I know I can only watch you from where I stand

To watch only from this anywhere free of anyone's hand

I believed before that one day you'll find me

Weeping in the epilogue of the life they wrote down for me

To be trapped in between these laden parks

To be set astray because of these unwitting remarks

They made me move like a puppet on a string

I forgot, by their words, they bring my life to a beginning

You don't know how hard I've been dreaming

To reach the place they call heaven for so long

But no one told me how to get there

No one really knows for sure

I'm stuck in a place where they know nothing but do

The things the writer lays down for you

But in you I saw my liberation

In your soul I saw my salvation

Please let not this my final and hopeless plea

For you to come into my world and save me