A/N: Before I get millions of flames saying that I don't have a clue....I understand that people need their space and I can only respect that. And I will. I just had to get this out...because I can't help wondering if it's something I did and it hurts...so...yeeeaa...

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Anger building up inside

14 days till the twenty-ninth

And I really need to get out of here

I'd love to have you stay and at least feel near

But now you don't even want to write or call

You don't want contact, nothing at all

And I understand why but damn, it hurts

I feel unwanted, abandoned, with third-degree burns

One huge guilt trip for leaving the same day

One huge heartbreak for the things I'll never say

I hate that you're leaving but I think you know that

I want to scream, to cry, because only I'm coming back

Part of me wishes you'd just tell me

You don't want to talk once you leave

But you say that's not it and I'm left to wonder

What it is, then, and I start to ponder

If everything I said meant nothing to you

And I'm sorry for talking, for listening, for anything

14 days until the twenty-ninth...

But I feel like today is when I said good-bye