Away on the ocean,

All thoughts to the east,

You and I connected despite my stupidity,

You love me despite that I chose one thoughtless

One who could never but pretend to love one such as me

You however, tried to warn me,

Tried to say that you would never fail me the way you'd been failed

Said that you'd save me the way you'd never been saved.

From the grief of abandonment

And now look at me,

Go ahead, say it

"I told you so,"

But you're to kind, to compassionate

To rub my mistakes in my face

To say it even though you knew you were in the right,

Away on an island we fell in love,

Away on an island I showed you that some would never betray,

As I betrayed you for one who would surely turn away

I stare out into that ocean in my memory, as we walked the forest path

As you held me,

As I wanted nothing more than to hold you

You must understand that I couldn't

I could never betray

It wasn't meant to be

How could I not see that simple fact?

How could I betray one for whom the gods intended to me

For one who couldn't really see the real me?