The law of gravity states/what goes up, must come down/And I'm sure you can relate/To what I've found/That sometimes your heart feels heavy/You want to sink to your knees/And then God lifts you up/And you can float freeI am personally/Zero-G/I'm letting go/I've never felt so free/Zero-G/Can't you see/Gravity won't hold me downEver dropped a melon out a window?/It's not a pretty sight to see/And if there's one thing I know/It's that I don't want that to be me/My feet are dragging on the ground/I'm tired of feeling blue/ God, you lift me up/And I'll float to youGod, you have given me/The power to fly/And now I'll never be/Content with anything less than the sky/

Taking My Breath Away

Every day I live and breathe/I can't help but see You/Changing my outlook on life/All these wonderful things you do/ Each new day leaves me in awe/I'm gasping/When I see Your face, I know that/You're amazingYou give me my breath/Then you take it away/I get more amazed by you day by day/You've given me life/Whatmore could I do/Than live it all for youEvery new day is exciting/You make me laugh, smile, and cry/I'll never be able to let you go/And I don't want to even try/When you call on me/I'm believing/Oh, can't you see/I'm staringTaking my breath away/Every single day/Forever/I'm gasping in awe/