Will in Pain

For I know what you talk of.
It has hurt a child in a way that only you and I can think of.
Would pain light your nightly sky, your daily sanctuary, if you could know what this child knows?

I thought so.
I thought of you in that way - and can you think of Will that way?

Could you ask him why it hurts?
Could you ask him about pain's world?
I think you could, but that is just my opinion.

Talking in your riddled words, I do not know what you say.
Will, will you talk in a plain way?
Could you?

For a girl who asks you so?
I know what pain is, as you do too Will.
It is all around us, in things unknown to you and I.

Will, this child who hurts by pain, talks not.
I shall say a sin is not talking, but if I was in his situation I would stop all talk too.
Be it a sin or not, other things could be worse.

Pain will kill him.
I will mourn you, Will.
I will.