Will Who Was No More

While sitting by myself in the rain
I turn my head to the side
and look for the person who isn't there.

I say, "Will, can you help me understand?"
"Can you tell me what is wrong?"
"Can you tell me why you died?"

Will responds," I can't help you understand."
"I can't tell you what is wrong."
"I can't tell you why I died."

I say, "Will, why not?"
"Why will you leave my questions unanswered?"
"Please, Will. Can't you at least try?"

Will responds, "I would rather lie to you then make you know the truth."
"I would rather leave your questions unanswered."
"I do not believe in trying. I cannot believe in trying."

I say, "Is it against your will?"
"Can you at least say if you suffered pain?"
"I only want to know why you never smiled."

Will responds, "It is not against my will."
"I can tell you the pain was great."
"I never smiled because I had died inside before I died physical."

I say,"Finally, an answer!"
"Now, Will, please tell me this."
"What happened the night you died?"

Will responds, "There is something I can say."
"It might take awhile, so be patient."
"Now I will begin."

Will says, "Of course it was raining."
"Why wouldn't it rain?"
"Obviously the rain signified that something was going to occur."

Will says, "The rain beat upon the car window."
"My cousin, the new driver, was trying to hide her nervousness."
"My cousin, her brother, had begun to grip the side of the car door."

Will says," The turn can up faster in the dark."
"There was screaming as the car hit the guard rail."
"The door by my side was thrown open by the contact."

Will says, "I was thrown from the car."
"Thrown across the muddy grown."
"Until I came to rest, bones in my body breaking."

Will says, "When I landed on the ground I heard something else snap."
"It was my neck."
"Thethrow had caused me to break my neck."

Will says, "My vision blurred from black to white to reality."
"Everything was failing."
"Someone was by my side."

Will says, "I knew I was dying."
"I could feel my heart slowing."
"Beat by beat until it stopped."

Will says, "That was all."
"It was all over then and there."
"Not how I wanted to go - but maybe the best way."

Will says, "Now you know the story."
"Please warn the world about what can happen."
"And also make sure that I am not forgotten."

I think Will wanted me to respond.
However, I had my head in my lap.
I was crying tears.

Tears of innocence for my friend.
Sweet Will.
Will who was no more.