Reach, turn on the water

Stretch, turn on the fan

Take off your clothes

Now step in, so it all began > > > >

Stand underneath the spray

Now wet as it rushes over you

Let it cover your body

Wash away all the clues > > > >

Hotter, hotter, make it hotter

Keep turning that dial more

Ignore your mind, the thoughts

Even ignore that horrid roar > > > >

Crouching so tight at the bottom

Now you're sitting on the floor

You're shaking but you're not cold

Must try to even the score > > > >

Focus on the water, the rush

Let it rush over you, take away the dread

Just breathe, that's all that matters

Now that you have bled > > > >

Staying there forever, eyes closed

As you live under the hot water

Breath echoing, whole body stiff

As if being lead to the slaughter > > > >

Time passes, always unknown

All you know, all you feel is the heat

Like red-hot ashes falling down on skin

Blocking the knowledge you've been beat > > > >

But now your eyes pop open suddenly,

Overwhelmed as the harsh wave hits

Thoughts flood your brain even though

You tried to protect yourself from this blitz > > > >

"Stop indulging yourself,

You fucking bitch!"

Your mouth open,

Out of control, a glitch > > > >

Shutting off the hot running water

Jumping out fast as if you've been shot

Knowing now that you're through

No price of yours has been bought > > > >

Your voice continues to scream

Though you hear it like a whisper

"Bitch, bitch, bitch! Fucking bitch!"

Each time it comes out crisper > > > >

Crying silently, hands across face

Falling to the ground in a helpless heap

Like always, out of control, you have lost

Now you must succumb to your defeat > > > >