Hide Away

You're needing

So much but

You're bleeding

The pain is there

You're reeling

And yet you can't

Help the seeing

No matter what

All you're feeling

Is that pain that

Keeps peeling

Away at your skin

You've stopped dealing

With everything around you

No such hope of healing

Ever surrounds you

And now you're squealing

For some escape and your cries

Surpass the height of the ceiling

And the wave hits hard

As you try to keep hearing

But your breath will stop

For this pain is stealing

The whole of your life

There as you're kneeling

Images flash before you

The sting, they're so revealing

But even as you cringe away

You know they're so appealing

You reach, try to catch them

Must tighten your sealing

So they will never get out again

Though your head is searing

Now you must hide away

For the pain, is always concealing