A/n: This is a fantasy epic, as you can see from the 70+ chapters it has, and it will take a couple chapters to set the story/plot up. Give it a chance :) I hope you enjoy it.



By: Lindsay

Chapter 1


"Emily wake up! You're going to be late!" screamed Ramona Connor, single mother of two. "I have to leave for work in twenty minutes!!"

Pulling the hot curlers out of her thick black hair with timed precision, she threw the offending metal cylinders into a nearby basket and grabbed a brush. 'I can't believe that girl…'

"Mom I'm ready!" yelled Shawn, who was eight and in the third grade, already wearing his school uniform. "Do I have to walk again?"

"No hon, I was able to pay for Safe-key so I can take you early." Said Ramona in a rush while walking over to him and brushing his hair out. "Emily wake up right now!!" She paused and set the brush down on the counter. "Shawn, can you wake your older sister up? I need to get ready for work."

A look of horror spread across his face. "I don't want to! Can't you?"

"No Shawn I can't, I need you to wake her up for me."

"But she doesn't listen to me!"

"Use the pitcher under the sink if you have to."

Shawn sighed as he slowly trudged to his sister's forbidden room and slowly opened the door. A heap of tangled bedsheets, blankets and a mass of black hair stared back at him.

"Emily… Mom says you have to wake up!"

Shawn sighed when he got no response. "Emily wake up!" he yelled while walking closer. "Emily!!"

A soft groan came from a mass of tangled hair. "Go -way…"

"Mom says you have to wake up… so wake up!"


"Emily wake up!" he yelled while pulling blankets away, only to have them yanked back over her head again.

"Emily!" he yelled in an annoyed tone, "Wake up or else I'll get mom!"

Being ignored once again, Shawn started leaving the room to get the enforcer-also known as the mother-when he stopped and spotted one of her large floor pillows. A grin slowly spread across his face as he picked up the black pillow and held it over his head.

"Wake…up!" he yelled as he smacked her with the pillow, forcing her to wakeup with a jolt; causing her to nearly fall off the bed.

"Why you little…" growled Emily as she ripped the bed sheets off.

"Ah! Mom!"

Shawn ran down the hall with his sister hot on his heels and slid into master bedroom for his mother's protection.


"Emily, do you have any idea what time it is?" Yelled Ramona while furiously shoving heels on.

Emily stopped in the door way with a flat, irritated look; her blue PJ's all wrinkled and nearly falling off, "No…just that little turd woke me up."

"You were supposed to be up an hour ago! You now only have fifteen minutes before the final bell rings at school! And I don't have time to drive you!"

"What?!" she gasped while running to the bathroom to get ready.

"You'd better hurry because if you have one more tardy-!!"

"I know Mom I'm hurrying!" screamed Emily while jumping into the shower and throwing shampoo in her hair.

"Stupid Slug…" teased Shawn through the door.

"Shawn…" Started Ramona in a warning tone. "Come on we have to hurry."

"Yeah, yeah…" he said while following her down the hall and into the kitchen.

No more than fifteen minutes later was Emily rushing out of her room, fully dressed in her school uniform that consisted of a white sleeveless shirt, a navy blue skirt that ended mid-thigh with small black shorts underneath, and thigh-high black hose with dark brown boots that ended just below the knee. Emily quickly pulled her midnight black hair up into a pony tail with a scrunchi and rushed to the kitchen where her bag was waiting.

Her mother shoved some breakfast into Emily's mouth: a slice of badly burned toast with only a paper-thin serving of butter.

"I love you; I'll see you when I get back from work. Don't forget to come straight home to watch your brother."

Emily nodded curtly as her mother smiled. "You'd better go," She handed her lunch to her. "It's a good thing you're on track team."

Emily started running for the door when her mother stopped her.

"Wait! You almost forgot your glasses…"

Emily grabbed them and put them on, only nodding in thanks, "You can't forget these; you know how those other kids make fun of you because of your eye color…"

Emily rolled her golden eyes, yet smiled thankfully as she turned and headed for the door.

"Bye Emily!!" screamed Shawn from the dining room while she ran out the front door and forced the nasty toast down her throat.

Putting on some speed, she ran down her street and turned onto Windy Avenue, taking a quick glance at her watch, 'Five minutes…I think I can make it.'

Emily quickly dashed across the street, narrowly avoiding traffic and turned onto Blue Bay Boulevard, so far making lights and excellent time. She glanced down and noticed her skirt flying up from the running,'Good thing I wear shorts under this…stupid uniforms.'

Emily smiled, thinking back on her mother and younger brother. Ever since her mom divorced her father, she had to work extra hard so they could keep the house and continue to pay for schooling. The divorce was a bad one; mom kept custody of both children, yet she got a check in the mail every so often from dad.

After the long trek down Blue Bay, she saw the crosswalk for Sahara flashing red. "No!" she panted.

It then suddenly stopped flashing and just remained the red hand, cars started roaring past. "Oh man!" she gasped while smacking her hand against the silver metal button on the street light. "Come on hurry up." she said impatiently, continuing to press it and pant softly from her long sprint.

Faintly in the distance she could hear her high school's warning bell ringing, "No!"

'If I'm late one more time I'll get rpc'd! Then I won't be able to go to the last track meet! '

Suddenly the crosswalk hand turned white, "Yes!" Emily burst into a fast sprint across the street and down the sidewalk quickly passing the general store and fast food restaurants, then turning the corner to her school.

She dashed across the street and through student parking, quickly running up the steps to the outside 800's hall where she nearly slammed into the door. Grasping the handle, she threw the door open and stepped inside, when the bell just rang.

Relief coursed through her and she nearly collapsed from exhaustion; supporting herself by pressing her hands against her knees. She panted heavily as she slowly looked up to see her teacher checking her watch, "Well Miss Connor, you actually made it on time today, looks like I'll have to send someone to get that rpc slip I just sent."

Emily's eye twitched slightly, 'She already sent it? I'm not always late...'

"Go take your seat so I can start class." said Ms. Merelli, American Lit. Teacher.

Emily just glared flatly while she trudged to her seat and sat down in a huff, 'She'd better get that rpc back…'

While the teacher silently did the attendance, most of the class room engaged in quiet conversation. Emily on the other hand, just slumped in her seat and tried to ignore the intense burning pain that was coming from her feet which felt like two overly ripe tomatoes smashed inside a vise.

"I want you to get your books out and turn to page 228." said the teacher while filling out some papers on her desk.

Somewhere in Emily's sludge-filled brain she remembered that she left her books at home… yet at the moment she couldn't care less. The only thing registering in her brain at the moment was the blinding pain emanating from her feet and how tired she was. It seemed she could never get enough sleep…

"Now, I want you to read both stories and answer the questions on pages 234 and 235. In complete sentences! I'm getting real tired of you guys not using complete sentences and getting away with it." said the teacher firmly, still busily working at her desk.

The class silently got their books out and started working, some doing the work, others doing homework from the night before or cramming for a test. Emily yawned and picked her brown shoulder bag up and placed it on her desk, when she noticed her brown lunch bag turning colors.

She cocked an eyebrow as she leaned down to open it, finding the peanut butter and jelly sandwich got ripped open smeared all over, ruining everything.

'Oh Wonderful…now I have no lunch.'

Emily slowly got up with her lunch in tow and walked towards the trash can, dumping the disgusting wet paper wad in the container. As she was trudging back to her seat, her teacher stopped her, "Do you have something to do, Emily?"

"I kinda…forgot my book at home."

"You kinda forgot it?? Well I don't have any spares to lend you, unless you can get anyone else to share with you."

Emily swallowed a sigh and faced the class, who seemed to completely ignore her. She walked back to her seat and turned to one of the girls sitting next to her.

"Is it ok if we share for today?" She whispered.

The girl just glanced at her, then back to her work, ignoring her. Emily's slight hopeful look turned flat as she turned to ask her other neighbors who just flatly told her no.

'Jerks…fine I'll just do it as homework then.'

Emily pulled an old pen out from her bag and scribbled down the assignment and page numbers, then stuffed it in her English folder. She then laid her head down in her arms and just relaxed until the end of class.

Once the bell rang, signaling the end of first period, Emily got up and shrugged her brown pack on her shoulder. She started to leave the class when Ms Merelli confronted her.

"Since you forgot your book for the third time this quarter, I'm going to have to assign you detention for today."


"How's after school?"

"But I can't, I have track practice."

"Then it'll be during your lunch."

Emily forced a sigh away and politely asked, "Will I be able to buy my lunch before I come?"

"Your not eating in my classroom if that's what your wondering. I have to teach during your lunch hour."

Emily just glared flatly, "Fine." She said shortly while leaving.

'Just when I thought today was bad, it went to worse.'

The rest of her day went like that, not having her books, her stomach aching from the lack of food and a pounding headache that started first hour. She just wanted her school day to end so she could start track practice.

Track...she loved to run, which can be quite odd to some people, yet when she ran, it seemed like nothing could interfere. Nothing could catch up with her; for it was almost like the feeling of someone getting their driver's license or car for the first time, that strong sense of freedom. Yet Emily felt it through running, feeling the wind in her face where everything just seemed right. She was also very well built for track as well, being tall and very thin, she could certainly fly when she wanted to.

Emily walked to the girls locker room when the final bell rang, signaling the end of school. Once inside, she dropped her bag to the floor and opened her old P.E locker; fishing out her worn track shoes, black shorts and white shirt. She eagerly unzipped her boots and kicked them off, her feet almost sighing in content.

'Mental note… never run in these things ever again.'

After getting changed she stuffed her school clothes, boots and bag back into her locker, slammed it shut and walked out to the track. She quickly redid her hair, this time twisting her long hair around into a makeshift bun.

After walking over to the track, followed the others to where the team was gathering. The coach quickly touched over warm-ups and what they were doing for practice and getting prepared for their last meet of the season. The team broke and began to get ready for warm-ups, Emily started heading for the track, but the coach stopped her.

"Emily…" started the coach, his tone having a hint of a warning to it.


The coach smiled slightly. "Your glasses?"

"Oh!" Emily pulled her glasses off, "Sorry…I forgot I had these on."

The coach shook his head, "Its fine, I'll hold them for practice."

"Thanks," she said quickly before joining the others for their warm-up laps.

Emily jogged down the track, feeling free yet naked with her glasses gone. Truth was…she could see just fine. Her eyes were gifted with perfect, 20/20 vision, maybe even too perfect. Yet it was the color of her eyes that always bugged her. They were a deep gold, gold! Who has gold-colored eyes?

She always asked her mother why she had gold eyes, but her mother would just tell her that she was born that way and finally just ruled out that it must be messed up genetics. While she was very young, she never wore any glasses, but once she started going to the local neighborhood park to play, many kids would be scared of her because of her sharp yellow eyes.

She then came home and told her mother this, and they decided to get specially tinted glasses so her eyes would appear to be green, not gold. But still, the glasses didn't cover much and Emily adamantly refused to wear contacts, so it couldn't be helped.

After the two-hour practice, the coach once again discussed the next Wednesday practice and the next meet which was two weeks away. Emily got her glasses back, carefully put them back on and headed for the locker rooms.

Feeling relaxed, she opened her locker back up and put her school uniform back on as well as her boots which weren't as constricting as before. She casually slammed her locker door shut and fished her wallet out of her pocket in her sleeveless top.

'Hmmm…I wonder if I have enough…'

She opened her wallet up and looked through, a smile growing, 'Ten…that should be plenty to get a little something from Brigsby's nearby…'

She closed her wallet and shoved it back into her pocket as she walked out of the school and into the parking lot, heading the opposite direction from home. Despite the cold wind blowing from the north she warm and comfortable, the wind having a calming effect on her as she headed towards Brigsby's. Yet with only skirt and sleeveless shirt to cover her thin body, she shivered and reached inside her school bag and pulled out a worn red scarf and wound it around her neck, leaving two ends pulled out somewhat.

After what seemed to be ages, she finally made it to the doors of the local family restaurant, Brigsby's. Emily smiled in anticipation and partly wondered if he would be there.

'Matt Thompson…he's so cute. It's been a while since my last boyfriend…'

Emily walked through the doors and over to the server, who immediately recognized her, "Oh Emily! It's been a while since I've seen you back here…"

"Yeah, I've been kinda low on cash lately and I've had to baby-sit my brother more often… Fun huh?" said Emily while cracking a small smile.

The server girl laughed. "Yeah, I know how that is, I used to have to baby-sit Matt and it could be such a pain sometimes." she added while pulling out a menu and walking to a small window table.

Emily sat down and took the menu from her. "Hey uh…is Matt 'waitressing' today? Or is he back in the kitchens?"

"Huh? You wanna see my younger brother? What for? Hmm?" teased the girl playfully.

Emily laughed. "Well...you'll just have to wait and see after I talk to him."

"Oh fine, you're no fun. Don't worry I'll get him for ya." She winked and left for the kitchens.

Emily grinned and opened her menu, looking at the long list of sandwiches and soups. BLT Sandwich, Turkey Smash, Steakhouse round…after several minutes of nearly drooling over the menu, she finally settled over a small BLT.

"Excuse me?"

Emily looked up, "Oh! Sorry I didn't see you Matt…"

'Well that was a smooth entrance. Nice going Emily…'

Matt shook his head and grinned.

"Don't worry about it. What'll it be?"

Grinning smugly, Emily walked towards the exit as Matt's older sister quickly rushed over to her, "Well, how did it go??"

"Got the digits and the date."

She smiled, "Oh great! I think you two will hit it off, he can be pretty sweet sometimes."

Emily smiled and shrugged, "Thanks for helping me, now I have something to do this Saturday."

"Oh crap it's late!" started Emily, glancing at her watch nervously, "My mom's gonna kill me for not being home in time to watch my brother!"

"Oh hey," the server interrupted, "Do you want a ride home? I get off my shift in around twenty minutes."

"Oh no, I can just walk, I'll be fine. Thanks for the offer though!" Yelled Emily as she ran out the exit and down the street towards Windy Ave.

Slowly down to a steady pace, she could help but yawn, 'I still have hours of homework to do…ugh.'

With night time closing in, the streetlights flickered on as she walked towards Windy Ave. Cars roared past her and down the busy street, leaving their fumes to dull the senses. Still, an electrical sensation flew up her spine. She glanced back casually and saw two people ,dressed in black, following her. Nervous thoughts soon filled her head as she bit her lip uncomfortably.

'These guys are following me…and I don't have a phone.' Emily glanced around, 'There's no one else on the street…and all the shops are closed around here.'

To help rid herself of the fear, her mind started reasoning with her nervous thoughts. It's no big deal, she thought. They're probably just walking down the street, and won't even bother me.

'Don't freak out over nothing, just be casual...I should be home soon anyways.'

She kept herself alert as she walked down the street, but warning bells started going off when she heard their boots gaining in speed.

'Crap…I have to find somewhere…'

Soft touches grazed the small of her back, her mind flew into instinct mode and she burst into a sprint.'I won't let them catch me!' screamed her thoughts, fear racing through her as her logical half desperatly tried to remain calm.

The two beings dressed in black stopped. One pointed to an alleyway while the other ran after her.

Emily ran down the street towards Windy Ave, idly wondering why no one was stopping to help, 'Can't anyone see me running down the sidewalk, fearing for my life?!'

She saw the white hand flash at the street corner; which only served to push her tired legs harder. 'If I can only make it!'

A wall of blackness appeared before her, the tall being reached for her arm. She skidded to a stop and turned around, but the other being was already standing there.

"You have nowhere to go now…" Said the one before her in an gravely voice.

Her hearing seemed to shut down as she continued to stare at crosswalk signal, her hope dying when it turned red.

"Now if you'll just come with us quietly, you won't get hurt…" said the one behind her.

With boldness that Emily didn't realize she had, her fists clenched instinctively as her voice screamed out "Yeah right!" and she soon found herself running for her life across the street and dodging oncoming traffic.

With her heart stuck in her throat, she raced across the wide street, narrowly dodging cars in the process. Daring herself to glance back, she saw the two beings were gone. Once she reached the sidewalk, her legs refused to stop and she kept going until she found herself in a back alleyway in the local neighborhood.

Emily panted and gasped for air as she raced down the alleyway, her feet screaming in protest. Finally reaching a brick wall that was low enough, she grabbed the top of it and hefted herself over the top, franticly trying to get into the backyard and into the safety of her nearby neighbors home.

Suddenly two pairs of strong hands grasped her legs and yanked her down, scratching her hands and legs on the brick as they threw her into something that was disgustingly slimy and wet. Instantly feeling bile rise in her throat, Emily screamed and tried pulling away, but black, snake-like arms wrapped around her mouth, arms and legs. She turned her head around to see what was keeping her from escaping.

A huge, black and gray creature that looked like a deformed bird with snakes protruding from its body held her within its grasp. Bile threatened to rise even more so as she struggled and screamed through the bonds. The two beings dressed in black came over and one backhanded her across the face.

"Hush you; we need you still in one piece, so stop struggling."

Emily glared and did just the opposite, refusing to give in to strange and insane people like this.

'Who the hell are these guys and what the heck is this thing that's holding me!?'

One of the beings reached forward and ripped the shoulder bag from her and threw it away. "You're coming with us."

The other being stepped forward, staring at the thing holding Emily. "Take her to Gaea and don't stop until you reach the frozen lands. Understand?"

The mutated thing seemed to gurgle wetly in response and disappeared. The beings then turned and glanced at the shoulder bag that lay on the ground, smudged in mud and soaked in water.

"What shall we do with this? Destroy it?"

"No…let's leave the petty people here to their games. They won't ever find her…"

The being smirked and stepped forward, "I'll report to Lady Kasha, while you go and see if you can find the others."

The other one nodded and disappeared in a purple flash of light.

'Too easy…'