And somehow I always knew that it would come down to this.
The light from the moon does nothing to shake away this emptiness.
It grows inside me, twisting. I'm numb.
To you and your anger, I'm not going to run.

I stopped being scared, of your threats and your lies.
I gave it all up with that look in your eyes.
The one that said you doubted, the one that said you knew.
That everything is twisted and nothing you say is true.

I should have known better than to get so close.
They always told me you'd rip me apart.
But I stayed on, naive and dreaming of that valient day,
When you would turn to me with tearsand say:

"You've always been there

I hurt you

I shamed you

broken and maimed you

But you stayed on, and helped me to stay.

Kept me alive as I was abandoned.

I left my heart to rot and my soul to the ravens."

Was I foolish, or wrong, to have such a dream.
I suppose my true self will never be seen.
Not by you, do you care? That I hurt inside?

Do you see the blood dripping as you twist the knife?

What about me?
Where's my mystery?

Did you think you'd so easily figure me out?

I'm not that simple, and not that kind,
To let you see me on the inside.

Because it's strange, and beautiful, wonderful and fragile.
And I won't let it be broken by people like you.