Closer he gets...

He walks towards me

With that look in his eyes

I stand ridged

Not be able to move fearing the moment he reaches me

To ask me the question

That I've been waiting for…


Closer and closer

He gets, I cannot move

I am all alone

No one to save me

Excited and scared


With every step he takes

My heart pounds

I fear it may break my chest

He must be able to hear

My beating heart


He getting closer

My palms become sweaty

And my heart pounds


Closer and closer


He's right in front of me

Looking down on me

With those beautiful brown eyes

I can not escape


My breath catches in my throat

As he asks the question

I have been waiting for…


My body starts to shiver

He places a hand on my shoulder

And asks again


I start to stutter my


Not being able to control my voice…


He smiles sweetly at me

Placing a arm around my waist


I relax into his hold

Feeling his body against mine.