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Chapter One: Introductions I

Meet Kaze Lhite: Her life is a complex web of lies.

Top then Reasons why Kaze's Life is Over:

10.- She is the youngest princess of the Lhite

9.- Her perfect older sister is getting married

8.- To the guy Kaze dated in secret for almost two years.

7.- Got her heart broken by his soon to be brother in law

6.- Now her parents want her to marry too, to the ugliest- but richest - of gits

5.- So she had to run away from home with the guards at her back trying to hunt her down.

4.- She landed in the Windam Valley court faking to be a boy so no one would go looking for her there

3.- Got a job as part of the king's guard and on the first day on the job she held a sword to her new employer's throat: The king

2.- Now she is the king's personal guard

And the Number One reason why Kaze Lithe's Life is Over with capital O:

1.- She met the guy of her dreams six seconds after swearing out of love.