Falling For You

Chapter 1

Going Through The Motions


"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire."

-- Aristotle


"Breanna…" a voice called softly to the slumbering girl buried beneath a mound of pillows and blankets.


Peeking out from underneath the mass of bedraggled, disheveled hair covering her face, Breanna blinked and smiled lazily at the woman sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Mmmm, hey, Mom," she mumbled sleepily as she stretched languorously and yawned.

"Hey, sleepy head. Breakfast is ready."

Sniffing at the air, Breanna grinned as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. "Bacon and eggs?" she guessed and her mom nodded.

"Yup. Now hurry and get ready, or Dad and Cory are going to eat your breakfast and theirs," Mrs. Denton laughed as Breanna scowled good naturedly and pushed herself to her feet to quickly repair her bed back to its' usual tidy appearance.

"They're so greedy!" she grumbled as her mother chuckled and swatted her behind in passing.

"I'll try my best to protect your breakfast, Bre," Mrs. Denton promised, "But make it quick, because you know how fierce they can be when it comes to bacon!"

"Pigs…" she mumbled with an amused smile as she pulled her night shirt over her head, folded it neatly, and made her way into the bathroom. Adjusting the water to her liking, Breanna stepped under the warm spray and let out a content sigh. Moving quickly and efficiently, she mindlessly went through the steps of bathing as if programmed to do so.

Breanna was, and always had been, a big believer in order and rules; a creed that she followed diligently. All things, even something as simple as bathing, she thought, had certain steps that needed to be completed in order for the task to be considered successful and worthwhile. The only way for one to do well in life, she thought, was to practice proper methods of etiquette and good decorum.

'Good God, Bre, you sound like English school marm,' she thought to herself whimsically with a small chuckle as she rinsed the conditioner from her long tresses. 'Who is it that you're trying to convince?'

Turning the flow of water off, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a large, mauve bath towel. Pausing as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, Breanna smiled dreamily and fingered the ends of her dripping strands.

In rare times when her appearance wasn't strictly neat and tailored, Breanna mused to herself that she had gypsy-like features. Her figure was slender and lush, with curves in all the right places. Raven black hair that fell to just below her waist framed a delicate, heart shaped face with a small, straight nose and high, elegant cheekbones.

Her skin was tawny from the California sun, and it made her bright eyes stand out boldly. Breanna loved her eyes and thought they were, by far, her most attractive feature. Exotic and unusual, the lavender orbs were almond shaped and had a slight downward tilt to them; giving her an almost Asian looking appearance.

Shaking away her fanciful contemplations, Breanna scowled and plugged in the hair dryer. 'I'll never be like a gypsy. They're free as the wind, and I'm… well, I have too many responsibilities. I could never let myself go like that,' she told herself wistfully as she dried her hair.

'Speaking of responsibilities, I have a student council meeting this afternoon,' Breanna remembered as she flicked the blow dryer off and headed back into her room to finish getting ready. Dropping her towel, she grabbed her favorite bottle of body lotion and propped her leg up on the edge of a chair to rub the sweet smelling liquid in.

Breathing in deeply of the familiar fragrance, Breanna let herself relax as the smell soothed her with the memory of the ocean. Crisp sea breezes, the roar of the waves… 'Picturing myself bathing in the sun with only the sea gulls to keep me company never fails to ease my mind and melt my stress away,' she thought contentdly with a small, soft sigh.

Finished with the lotion, Breanna put it back in its' proper place, and pulled on a pair of plain white cotton panties along with a matching bra. Going through the motions of getting dressed, she mentally ticked off all the things she had to do that day.

'Drama club meeting, National Honor Society, an oral speech in English, and...' Breanna frowned in concentration as she slipped her short, blue and purple plaid uniform skirt over her hips and zipped it at her side. Falling at about mid thigh, the garment accented and displayed her long, shapely legs for all to see and admire.

Absentmindedly smoothing imaginary wrinkles from the pleated skirt, Breanna racked her brain for the last thing on her agenda she knew she had to accomplish that day.

'What was it? Do I have to tutor anyone after school? No… That can't be it. It's only Tuesday…'

Tucking in the pristine white, collared blouse emblazoned with the crest of her exclusive private school on the right side of the material above her breast, Breanna exhaled heavily and shrugged.

'Whatever, I'll figure it out later. There's no use in stressing myself out before the day even starts.'

Opening a drawer in her scrupulously tidy dresser, Breanna plucked out a clean pair of navy blue knee highs and sat back down to carefully pull them on.

'Besides,' she reasoned thoughtfully, 'it's kind of exciting anticipating the unknown.'

Breanna made a face as she slipped her small feet into her sensible, matching navy blue loafers and ran a brush through the silky strands of her jet black hair.

'Anticipating the unknown? Is my life really that dull and predictable?'

Fastening the thick locks back into a neat half pony tail, she gave her appearance one more appraising look in the mirror to make sure everything was in place as she finished off the outfit with an immaculate dark cobalt colored jacket that completed the prim and proper school uniform.

'No, not dull. I have too many things going on for me to even have time to be bored…' she determined silently as she checked her complexion for any blemishes. 'But predictable? Definitely.'

'But you love that, right? The ordered structure of your life? Surprises, turbulence, instability… Those are all things that lead down the road to chaos. Hence the reason for all your careful planning and detailed schedules.'

'I know, and I do, but…'

'But what?'

'Sometimes I wish…'


Snapping out of her daydream at the sound of her mother calling her, Breanna sighed for what seemed liked the millionth time that morning, and grabbed her bag on the way downstairs.

Pasting a bright, cheerful smile onto her face before entering the kitchen where her family was waiting for her, Breanna strode in and greeted her father warmly as she took a seat across from her younger brother.

"Good morning Daddy, 'morning Cory," she chirped as her mother placed a still warm plate of food in front of her.

"Good morning, sweet heart. You look impeccable, as always," Mr. Denton winked as he took a sip of his coffee.

Waving away his compliment, Breanna giggled and turned her attention to the silently adoring, chocolate colored eyes of her little brother. "How'd you sleep after you woke up from that nightmare, Cor?

With a small, shy smile, Cory murmured, "I was all better once you tucked me in, sissy."

"Good. That's what I like to hear," Breanna teased as she ruffled his baby soft, brown mop of hair. Cory was frequently subjected to night terrors, something his pediatrician had assured them he would eventually grow out of. Still, Breanna always made sure to keep her bedroom door open a crack in case he called out for her in his sleep. Taking a bite of her bacon, she gazed unseeingly out the window as her earlier thoughts swirled and danced around in her head.

'I love my life. I do… but sometimes…'

Laughing reflexively as her father made the same lame joke he made everyday about how he'd be 'lost' without her mother to keep him in line, Breanna poked at her eggs and frowned.

'Sometimes I wish I had something to liven up the monotony of my everyday routines. Something dangerous and stimulating… something all my own, that no one could touch.'

'Those are very risky wishes, Breanna. Something like that could cause a lot of trouble, ya know?' her inner voice warned.

'It's only a silly whim, nothing to be concerned about,' she reassured herself as she kissed her parents good bye and grabbed her car keys.

'Still… you should be careful what you wish for.'

'Why?' Breanna snickered quietly as she climbed behind the wheel of her silver VW Bug, and placed her books neatly beside her in the passenger seat.

'Because… you just might get it…'


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