So lost inside

Just want to hide

In places no one will find

They think they're not blind

Why am I the way I am?

Hey guess what my best friend's Pam

I can't even tell her the whole truth

I don't think she'd believe me

There's no proof

People keep talking aloud

Maybe if I'm lucky

I'll blend into the crowd

Just stay away

There's no time for play

Just bruises and truces

Let's play cards

Joker's wild and deuces

Fall hard to the floor

Don't want to play anymore

Don't stop joking

Maybe there will be a token

Place your bet there's nothing to lose

Please mom have some more booze

Get lost in your problems

Here come your ghosts and your goblins

It's all in your head

But everything is half past dead

There's no land for the living

And no place for the dead

Let's try keeping our heads above water

Actually let's drown why bother

Let's float to heaven

Then fall to hell

Don't forget to ring satin's bell

Is life worth living?

Or maybe taking it away

Is more like giving?

Place your hand on top my head

And beg the lord for me to be dead

No shame in your laughter

No cries for this bed

I am your daughter

Want fun instead?