Synth driven, and sung by Microsoft SAM, the household computer voice.

Industrial Love

Stay in your boxes,

always reliant.

Off chasing foxes,

always compliant.

When mercury rises,

we always vent it.

Made to last, go ahead,

print it.

Built on commands and kisses...

Industrial love

All come forward,

find love with a cyborg.

Perspired through invention,

claim that reward

browsing for romantica a la mechanica

Industrial love


Industrial love

Dreamers roll over

on Mars came a rover

foretold the Luddite,

"jobs not left over"

such things make Maverick a poser

Even services of the waiter

and a million years later,

groped by the Terminator

Beefcakes and poets and rockstars know it...

knowledge is built from a bit

10101 and no room for wit

Source code is now holy writ

Industrial love

Say, did my iron lung fail, or did you take my breath away? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

You spin me like a disk head,

and do you know how fast the RPM read?

Kick it! That's what I said!

(Microsoft SAM scatting)


I am a love machine,

release date one, in the year of the machines

Singing of that thing called love,

Species: Homo Mechanica

Built for a better...