Happening Monday

Sit on the pew with a contented mob
It's Sunday, you're in a house of God
You're half asleep
This is not your time

You're sacking out after the day's been robbed
Jolt awake
Those dreams were bleak
Out the hands of an angry God
You make it out to your dot com job

It's a happening Monday
Lead role of your play
It's a happening Monday
Self-employed economy
It's a happening Monday

It's a..it's a…it's a happening… happening
Monday, Monday Monday Monday
Happening Monday happening Monday

You have a site most want to see

Tech support comes easily
At the desk you're royalty
Patented monopoly
You're the star on the Christmas tree

You're the happening Monday
You're the star of the happening Monday

Bet's Toll!

It's the black box in a plane
A beta record of the game
The commisar's report of the firing lane
Tabloids log the ways of fame

Scribing Legacy

"Two words! Caught on a box
trade marked and blocked
from this song
sounds wrong
but rymes with "Bet's toll!"

Carter moonshots off "Wild Thing"
Phili hearts pang
Tanks rule at Kursk first
And ready for the worst
Bet's Toll! To Berlin!

Teen idols cross the street
Reporters they treat with
"No comment" on that box in the plane, or when-or-where it might rain.

Beat and it's Legal

Beat Beat beat beatB-beat it all
Turning all on it's head
Con artistry
Law degree hangs smartly
Crooked partly on the wall
Crooked, quote me on that
My calling card the rat
Your doctor playing God?
Then let us play Satan, you see?

It's all legal
With my law degree

Check my pocket, left
With that expert witness,
it's not really theft

Man from Dakota has your name
You were born first:
It's yours to claim

Your case is a killer
I've put thought for the filler


Where Did All The Passion Go?

Where did all the passion go?

Bowling shoes in my attaché case
Flower generation names fill my rolodex
Lies mask my face
Since when did I wear lace?

What comes next?
You read my mail of dirty text
Where did the passion go?

When I answer, does my face glow?
You stalked me in the French row

Out to port
My secret's been cut short
A snide remark, a mean retort
"Why hang with this sort?"

Where did the passion go?

She never thought I could be so low
"Honey! Darling! My fidelity may look defective-
Please see from my perspective
All I am's a moonlight detective!"

Is that where the passion goes?
Chasing skipping Joes?
Thank you God, he ain't chasin' –ah- you knows-
Designated Lovers

He's like a cop chasin' mean Sons-of-mothers
With the façade of a dealing cover.
The passion's here on the street
Come join me on da beat

Once again we'll have da passion
No want, no sarin' no ration

Passion's back, passion's back, passion's back…


The officer chased crime a little late
Unwound in a tavern that same date

Wife Claudia called 'bout their son, Jake
Impaled himself by garden rake

He rushed off past four rounds of beer
Uncertainly, the car he steered
Reflexes shot, he could not veer
A family van he dinged the rear
Air bags deployed - shielded cargo dear
But passenger husband was thrown clear
Driver wife, neck whiplashed severe

Shield stripped, dishonored, crowd
Heckles a jeer.
"Protect and Serve" chose not to hear.


A county road his instinct told
Abandoned woman! "This headache-
I'll die! It isn't fun."
Without a care, he chose to run

The sole witness; his career my
hands now hold.