Chapter 8

Hey everyone! I'm back. Yeah, you're all enthralled, aren't you? Right.

Have I told you how much I love Saturdays? Probably not, because that would be completely unnecessary until right about now. Every Saturday I sleep in until about eleven in the morning because I have problems sleeping, also known as insomnia. Or it might be because I stay up late talking with my boys back home over Instant Messenger. Anyway, Adrian comes over later and we bug the crap of Mandy until she finally gets fed up and leaves. Then we IM my boys some more and then watch TV until early in the morning.

Mandy seems to have finally caught to our routine because when I woke up she was gone. I sat at my computer, playing minesweeper while I waited for Domi to sign on. Now, you may not be awed by this, but my Mom is the most anal person in the history of mankind. I'm surprised she ever let me get Instant Messenger, and also highly grateful.

My "Buddy List" started blinking after about forty games of minesweeper (but don't let that fool you- those games go by quickly) saying "Dom-n-Matrix has signed on". Which positively made me giddy, because who wouldn't want to chat with a Matrix obsessed fifteen year old?

S.T.O.F2drescue: Hey Domi!

Dom-n-Matrix: Yo! What's up? Anything new?

S.T.O.F2drescue: Since six hours ago when I told you I was going to bed and now when I jumped out of bed and started talking with you?

Dom-n-Matrix: What's with the hostility?

S.T.O.F2drescue: You seem to forget that I'm always like this.

Dom-n-Matrix: It would seem so. Curse your mother and her social starvation!

S.T.O.F2drescue: I know! Oh, here's Adrian. He just walked in.

Dom-n-Matrix: Groovy! Howdy Ad!

And so went our conversation for about three hours until Adrian decided he was too hungry to wait any longer. At which Domi replied, "You wuss! Suck it up. You won't die of starvation for a few more days!"

As Adrian and I walked down the hallway that led to the cafeteria I noticed him giving me an odd look. I returned it with a suspicious glance.


"What does S.T.O.F stand for and why is it part of your screen name?"

"Oh! That's an inside joke; if I told you… I'd have to kill you." I gave him a mock-daring with a raised eyebrow, asking him to question me. He gave me a look that plainly stated I was crazy. I wouldn't doubt it.

From the time we entered the food court, through the whole time we were in line, to when we finally sat down at table against the way in the corner, like usual, Adrian was bugging me to tell him. I finally relented.

"Alright! Fine! Last year I was semi-friends with a girl named Paris who was slightly popular but not really and another girl, Edith. Well, Paris was friends with my arch-nemesis, Kylie, who was somehow popular and pretty much a slut that nobody in their right mind would ever want-"

"You sound bitter."

"That's because she's a whore," I stated quickly as if it were obvious. "Now, don't interrupt me. Anyway, we were all in choir and we had a free day because we had just had a show and Ms. D was picking out new music for us. Paris, Edith, and I were in a little practice room thing doing our homework. When, out of nowhere Kylie comes in and whispers something in Edith's ear. Edith looked at her weird and said, 'Uh… yeeeaaaah'. Kylie shrugged was like, 'I was just wondering because you didn't seem like you would be.' And then she left. She had asked Edith if she was virgin." Adrian's eyes went wide- the same way mine did when I heard. Kylie had no business asking that, especially since Edith hated her as much as I did. "Yeah, I know," I replied to his aghast expression.

"After a second I asked, 'Did anybody ask her if she was one?' Paris jumped up, because she's always been on the ditsy side, 'No, I didn't even think to ask' –as if that wasn't obvious enough. When she came back she sat back down with 'she said yes'." Adrian nodded for a second.

"What's that got to do with anything," he asked as he took another huge bite out of his "hamburger".

"If you'd be patient for a minute I'd get to it," I said in an exasperated tone before continuing. "Later I was telling Domi and Ran about it and told them that Kylie said she was a virgin I said 'But I think she was lying. She has "whore" written all over her'. Domi face was completely straight and he said 'She probably raped a opossum.'" Adrian coughed his milk all over her tray and stared at me.

"Are you serious?! That's horrible!"

"I know! Those poor opossums!" If Adrian had had anything left in his mouth a moment before he most definitely didn't anymore. "After that, every time we saw her we gave each other sad looks and started laughing. I told a few of my other friends and they, for reasons unknown to me, told other people who told her. And, for reasons unknown to me, she came to me like I was the one that said it. And from there things just got worse. We 'started' a thing called Save the Opossum Foundation (a.k.a. S.T.O.F.) just to tick her off. It worked like a charm." I sighed with nostalgia. Adrian slowly set his food down and stared at me for a moment through thoughtful eyes. After a miniature staring contest, he squinted in thought.

"Aliece?" My eyes shot from side-to-side as if to look for someone else he could have been talking to or looking at.


"You are a horrible person." I thought that over. So what? I may be bitter. But she's the one that made fun of my favorite jacket. She's the one that said my friend didn't seem like a virgin when she's the one that dresses like a slut. I may also be spiteful, hateful, sarcastic, angst-y, and a few other "negative" things. If you lived with my mom- a self-centered, egotistical, brat who cared what the public thought of her and not her husband and children- and with being the youngest of four- which, against popular belief, doesn't mean I get spoiled. I have to try to even get my voice heard and to even be looked at by everyone but Dan and even then I get 'teased' (which is just a nice word for 'made fun of' or 'pushed around' or 'bullied') plus other bad things which are unavoidable then you wouldn't exactly turn out "normal", either, whatever that means.

I'm not blaming my "horrible" personality on my bringing up (or lack thereof) because I probably would've turned out like this anyway. So, you say I'm a bad person? Yes, yes I am. But, at least I'm content with myself. Can you say that?

Author's Note: Sorry it took so long. Our internet went down again and my brother that usually fixes it went away for college hours before. Anyway, Mom somehow managed to figure out what was wrong with the modem and now everything is up and running. Oh, that story with the opossums is a true story. I did change the names so as not to tick off the whore any longer, not like she's cool enough to know of a site like this, but still. I just started school today, so Iupdates might take a bit longer than they did over the summer. That, and I'm the biggest procrastinator on the face of the earth.

I also hope no one was offended by the last chapter. I don't know why you would be, but I didn't get nearly as many reviews as usual. Although, if something like that DID offend you then I don't really want you reading my story anyway. Take that stick out of your butt and be more open minded.

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