I never lied to you
you didn't have to fake it
everybody knew
except for you
But boiling blood and water
never solved anything
I'll sing you a pity song
if only you could keep your distance
I hate you with all of my existance
and love you only for your name
I've been used and slightly bothered
but so have you
It's not the same
We're not the same
A thick skull separates us two
Yours, taking in a lie
Mine taking in a truth
that I don't wanna know
Quit pretending
we know you wanna cry
we know you wanna die
but there's nothing to get over with
except for this pathetic life you live
You're sick of it
I'm sick of it
We're all tired of this little world
that we're dragged into
only from your mistakes
And it must be so easy to never say you're wrong
So easy to say that I am never right
And a kid's not supposed to feel this way
but that's all I ever was
and all I ever will be
despite the passing years
of getting older
of boiling blood and water
on a dirty kitchen stove.