Take this Medicine by SKATEnaked-BlindReaper

"My traveling companion we go on adventures together in steamy jungles and the like" (Harvey Birdman "Benton Quest")

Chapter One

Sand wound its way around my toes as I wiggled them in the warm mixture of water and sand. Usually when I was at the beach I would be surrounded by people I knew, family and friends. Today was different, today was the last day that I would truly have to myself. I wanted to enjoy the calm murmur of the waves, the slight chatter of toddlers wadding in the water with their parents and the sound of seagulls above my head. Peace, I just needed a few moments of peace. Tommorow was a good day for me because of one reason, tommorow was my big break. Well, not really my big break, just a small one. I was going on tour with some of the best band in the history of man, well maybe not that big. But they were huge, I was going on the Warped Tour and for one reason. Yeah, this will sound lame as hell, but I'm working behind the scenes with booking and merchnadise. You were probably expecting some awesome story about how great my band is and how great of a musician I am. And how hot guys just cling to me when I walk. Well, that's hardly the truth. A few months ago my band broke up and I was offered a job on the Warped Tour from my former manager, whos married to some big wig. She really saved my ass with the offer too, I couldn't go running to my parents to save my twenty year old ass.

"Hey, Lise we need to get going!" I turned around and looked over at my manager who was waving to me. His name was John or something, I hardly cared because everyone referred to him as 'man'. Creative, isn't it? No, not really, but its easy to remember. Now if I could get him to let me call him 'dude', but I doubt that would be happening anytime soon.

"Yeah, hold on." I got up from the sand slowly and dusted off my jeans and threw my sandy feet back into my beat up vans. My brother had given them to me years ago after they were already torn apart. But there was a closeness with the shoes because of my brother. He's the only person I can point out in my life that's there for me. Everyone else drifts in and out. My parents are great, but sometimes you just can't talk to them and you know what I can't blame them. If they had raised me I would have gone insane. Before I had moved out I had cost my parents at least two grand in moving violations. And the first one came when I had my license for about two weeks (a/n: true story, well partially, it was a parking violation. :P)

"Okay, so you know what you have to do?"

"Yeah, man, I know. I call ten minutes till, five and then a minute. And I have to make sure to gather the tally of goods sold from each band at the end of the day. I got it."

"Good, now heres the schedules, your pass and your staff shirt. Don't blow this, I'm not afraid and won't feel bad kicking you out after only one show. You got it?"

"Yes, man." I was starting to really like calling this guy man.

"Good. Now get in the damn bus, you're bunking with…err…..Simple Plan. Those canadian guys." A few buses were lined up at the studio where we had now walked to, it was right up against the beach, like any good place. "You're stuff is already up there. Don't annoy them or I'll move you to the bus with those damn techies." I had to laugh at that, a nice belly laugh, damn techies. Man gave me a weird look and shoved me with one of his meaty paws, towards a black tour bus with something oddly scrawled across the front. The only guess that I could make was that the guys standing in front of the bus making asses of themselves were Simple Plan. Otherwise Simple Plan was being stalked by five very hot boys.

"Hey John!" One of the boys gave a wave towards Man, who apparently was indeed named John.

"Hello guys, this is Lise. Shes going to be in charge of when your sets are everyday and she has to tally up yoru sells."

"Wait, I thought I was going to do that for everyone on one stage? And then all booths?" I did not think I could stay for like three months on a bus with these guys. Something very wrong would happen to me, something wrong in a dirty way.

"Nope, I just hadn't assigned you a band before. See, look at your schedule, it reads SIMPLE PLAN on the top. That's what those big black letters mean."

"Wow, thanks man. I can read you know."

"Like I said, I'll put you with the flipping techies." Man walked away, with one last lazy wave. With his back turned to me I gave him the finger and stuck out my tongue. What a jerk.

"So, whats your name you flipping techy?" A different boy, this one posessing a shaved head was talking to me now.

"I am not a techy. Shove it." I stormed onto the bus and sat down at a table in what I assumed was the kitchen. Not that there really were any divisions between the rooms. Next to me was a fridge and then there was a wall of beds a few feet down, each one had a curtain running around it. And there were these little name plaques on the side of each one, ritzy, eh? I got up and inspected them as the boys started to walk into the room. Seb, Pierre, David, Chuck, Jeff and Annelise. Yup, Annelise was my full name. I pulled a black sharpie from my back pocket and wrote Lise over the letters. The letter were kind of random looking and out of place over the metal plaque. I decided to add another little creative touch by making the still visible A into the Anarchist symbol. For some odd reason being on this bus, looking at my new little name plaque made me think that maybe this would really lead to a better job. Quite frankly, I was sick of having to move because of my lack to keep a job. I had never been fired in my life, I just was indecisive.

"Hey what the hell did you do to that plaque?" It was that damn bald kid again, I was starting to hate him even though she'd only met him all of five minutes ago.

"What does it look like?" Instead of looking at the guy I just opened the fridge near me and searched through the bottles, settling on a bottle of Diet Coke. I flipped my shoulder length blonde hair, so that it didn't settle on my hot and slightly sticky neck. Random music filtered through the bus as everyone settled in and the buses started to lurch forward. The Bald guy just kept staring at me and gawking at the plaque. I was seriously starting to wonder if he was stupid or something. But then, all of the sudden he got this goofy and slightly adorable grin on his face, laughing deeply. Even though he was slightly alarming with his multiple piercings, he was cute when he laughed. But I still wanted to know who the hell he was. Well, obviously, I had an idea about that.

"Um, well it kind of looks like a mess to me with an anarchy symbol. Ms….Lise" I turned around and gave him a death glare with my tongue sticking out. This tour might actually be funny as hell.

"Thanks." I wandered through the long stretch of bus and was just about to check out the shower when I saw one of the boys slowly walk out of it. "Um..what were you doing?"

"What? I can get the best reception in there. What did you think I was doing?" Ever perverted idea that had found its way into my head was now gone out the window. Well, not exactly, I did really think that he was doing something dirty in there. This guy had longish brown hair that fell in his face and a crooked hat was perched at an odd angle on his head. The odd trucker hat was embelished with the cookie monster and only caused me to burst in a fit of laughter.

"Dude, you are odd. And I thought that bald guy was strange enough."

"We have names you know." The guy was eyeballing me strangely and I was wondering if he thought that I was insane. I guess I was jumping to some odd comclusions.

"Yeah, that's nice. I have one too. I think everyone that's born gets a name. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe some people AREN'T named at birth. But then again, maybe I just don't care." I started to walk away, but just like that damned bald guy this guy started to laugh too. And it was no normal laugh, it was a loud laugh that for some reason kind of reminded me of a bird. I'm serious when I say this too, I kid you not.

"I can already tell something about you, you're delightfully sarcastic. And you're pretty cute too." I felt a bit of heat rise to my face, knowing a blush was coming on. Just a slight blush, but one nonetheless.

"Thanks. I GUESS I could give you my name. But that's all, don't expect me to be nice to you or anything." There was an extreme urge deep down for me to hug him or something, some sort of physical connection. It was hard to contain too, but somehow my legs stayed firmly planted to the ground.

"I wouldn't want you to feel put out or anything. I'm Sebastien. That shouldn't be too hard from you to say. S-e-b-a-s-t-I-e-n (a/n it wouldn't let me NOT capiatlize that darn I). You got it?" Another laugh came from somewhere deep inside of his belly and I couldn't help but join in his laughter, that is before I caught myself. It's not my fault that I wanted to protect myself from hurt. Being standoffish helped with my fear of hurt, my fear of intimacy I guess. I rolled up the sleeve of my right black jacket right now you might see a few stray scars from when I tried cutting as therapy, which DOES NOT work. It just made everything worse, which is why I didn't do it very long. Anyway, I'm distracting myself. I crossed my arms and cocked my head to the side with indignation.

"I can pronounce your silly little name. It's not my fault that you don't get me, I hardly care though. My names Lise. If you call me Annelise I'll kill you, I hate that name. I wish I could have named myself, even rock would have been a better name. But, why am I rambling?" Sebastien just looked at me funny before stopping me by grabbing my elbow when I attempted to continue on down the hallway. Another glare was sent towards Sebastien as I roughly pulled my arm back, gently rubbing my elbow with my other hand.

"Did I hurt you?" The adorable..I mean ugly..okay, adorbale and caring look on his face caused my stoney features to soften. I shook my head in response, no he hadn't hurt me, for god's sake, I wasn't fragile. "I just wanted to say that I like Seb better. So you can call me Seb."

"Oh." For some odd reason I felt myself soften up to him, as if my fear of intamicy was gone, but I knew it wasn't. Why was this guy so special? I usually could never act like this. What was wrong with me? You know how in a construction zone there are all those flashing lights. Well now in my head there were a bunch of those yellow flashing lights blinding my sight, reminding me not to get attatched so quickly.

"Are you okay? You look like a deer stuck in the headlights."

That I was, that I was.

Instead of answering him I turned on my heel and jumped into the shower, shoving the water on before I could even pull off my clothes. See, there were two benefitst to this. The first is obvious, cold showers are not only for guys. And the second is that I now had an excuse to stay away for a few hours. Soon after I had peeled off my towel I heard footsteps nearing the shower and someone threw a towel over the rack.

"I thought you might need one of those, seeing as you wouldn't want to walk through the bus stark naked. But hey, whatevers cool with you." It was Seb, I recognized the voice automatically. Well, I could give him points for not being a complete jerk, but that naked comment was a bit odd.

"Thanks." I wasn't quite sure if he heard me or not, but he lingered for a minute in front of the shower, which made my back go rigid and my features pale a bit. To say the list it was a little odd for me to be watched by someone that I barely new. At least there was a dark blue shower curtain between us.

"Your welcome." His voice was barely audible over the running water, but I still heard it and the footsteps that matched his departure.

A while later I found myself sitting on my bunch in a tank top and pajama pants, drying my hair my towel. The curtain was closed, but I could see the boys sitting at the kitchen table playing cards through a crack in where the curtain didn't quite met the wall. Seb kept looking behind me everytime, but I knew because of the angle he couldn't see into my bunk. I went back to watching them when he looked away, secretly fearing that I was wrong and he could see me. After drying my hair I threw my towel into the small compartment to the side of my bed, hopefully it wouldn't mildew, that would be gross. To hang it up though, would imply getting out of my bunch, which would give Seb the invitation to talk to me. And that damn bald guy too and the last thing I wanted was that web guy, Pat to tape me painting my nails.

Which was my next task, I pulled out a bottle of black nail polish and started to decorate my nails perfectly. I couldn't decide what to do in between waiting for my coats to dry, so I slipped on my headphones. Why was I so scared of these guys anyway, before Seb had walked out of that damned shower I had been fine, thinking this might be fun. And then I had to do the stupidest thing, grow a little crush on the first cute thing that talks in this bus. I heard footsteps shuffling to the bunks and the boys jostled in, all except for Seb. With everyone else asleep the only lights on were the one where Seb was now sitting in front of a TV watching a wordless show and the one shining above me.

Seb had started his little dance of turning around watching me and turning around. His face was fixed on the TV again and his hands were nervously twitching. I knew what he was thinking, he wanted to say something to me, apparently my feelings were shared. As I finished off my last coat I got a bright idea, maybe I could just get over this whole commitment thing. Maybe he wouldn't leave like everyone else. Surely, he wasn't going to just get up and leave this tour so that he stayed away from me. At least I had a guranteed three months with him. That I was sure of, so as long as I didn't expect more than three months, I would be fine, right?

I let the last coat dry and then I gently jumped off the bunch, well it wasn't very graceful since I fell on my butt. My tailbone ached as I got up from the ground, immediately causing Seb to turn around and rush over.

"Are you okay?" My bright idea had really earned me soemthing, a sore ass.

"Yeah, I think I am." Seb helped me get up and I brushed the butt of my pajama pants off. At least he was cute when he was worried about me.

"Are you sure?" I nodded my head and found a seat at the couch Seb was sitting at only seconds ago. Next to me, a little too far than I had hoped, was where Seb settled. I scooted over a bit on the couch and laid down, stretching out my legs and resting them on his lap. My head faced the TV screen and I acted as if I had not just odne soemthing compltely out of character. And that's how we stayed the whole night until we fell asleep.

"Goodnight Lise."

((Author Note: Firstly, I would like to point out that the first half of thise was written at about two o'clock in the morning. This is why the one character is named Man, but I found it too funny to remove or change. Okay, so this is my first attempt at writing a story involving a band. I never even considered it before, so if you are really into Simple Plan and I make a mistake as to whos who PLEASE point it out. I've watched all the flipping DVD's but I still can't seem to keep them all straight. I'll confuse all of them for another. The only one that I do not confuse is Pierre, but who can? Well, all I can ask is for you to review, so I BEG YOU. Lol. If no one reviews then I guess I'll just abandon this idea. Though I already have some ideas. I might go ahead and write a story board. But it depends on if it will actually matter. LOL. Anyway, thanks to anyone whos reading this. You rock!! And I promise to update my other stories soon.))